Smart Choices If It Comes to the best Moving Process

Moving is one of the vain stressful situations that each of us faces at least once in our life. Where to begin? How to put everything in boxes? What to throw away and what to leave? There are a lot of questions. So much needs to be done, and all this is accompanied by incredible hassle. Correctly organize the move and do without losses this article will help. It contains the main secrets of apartment moving.

How to start a house move

Secrets of apartment relocation

The most important secret of a house move is a long preparation period. Postponing fees on the last day and even week is extremely imprudent. You need to start a month before the day of moving. You can take the help of the Tampa Bay moving company there.

A month before the appointed day, preparatory work is carried out:

Review all agreements: leases, the Internet and satellite (cable) television, other companies that provide certain services – terminate them. If you do not, you will continue to receive bills even after the move.

  • Get rid of unnecessary things – those that you will not take with you to a new home.
  • Set the exact date of the move, arrange with the carrier, notify the assistants of your intentions.
  • If there are things you want to sell, it’s time to do it for furniture, household appliances, extra clothes. 

How to determine what thing you do not need?

Very simple: if you have not used it for the last 5-6 months, feel free to dispose of it, you do not need it. Place ads, notify potential buyers. Do not be greedy, set low prices so that you do not have to leave them as trash.

Secrets of apartment relocation

7-10 days before the move you need:

Sort clothes: pack one that is not needed in the coming week. If necessary, overtake some things.

  • Take out the excess in the trash.
  • Disassemble things and equipment in the kitchen. Buy disposable plates and glasses, from which you will eat a few days before moving, and pack your dishes in boxes.
  • Empty the mezzanines, pantries, cabinets on the balcony, etc. Throw away the unnecessary, put the rest into boxes. Do not forget to sign them to make it easier to navigate when unpacking.
  • Clean the carpet, upholstery and wash the curtains. This will save time after moving.
  • At a new place, do the cleaning (with washing windows and walls), connect the Internet and TV (conclude agreements with companies).

On the eve of the move:

  • If possible, send the children to relatives or friends.
  • Defrost the refrigerator.
  • Check the keychains of the old and new apartments.
  • Take the readings of the counters: either photograph the scoreboard, or write down in duplicate for yourself and the new owners.
  • Pack everything that remains, check the strength of the boxes.
  • Stick to such a plan, and you will be able to avoid chaos and fuss during a house move.

How to choose a company for a house move

Secrets of apartment relocation

The second secret to moving a house is the right choice for a moving company.The best option is to place the hardships of moving to a moving company. They are responsible for organizing and conducting this process: careful loading and unloading, placing large items (furniture, appliances, etc.) in a new place, their safety. Sometimes you can agree on additional services: furniture assembly, packaging, insurance, garbage collection after unpacking, etc.