Termite Control: Effective Solutions For Your Home

Wood is the termite’s main food because it is rich in cellulose, a fibrous organic material that is the favorite menu of this pest. You do not have to be an expert to detect the presence of the unwanted termite Simply look at the holes in the wood or the path it leaves on the walls.

Once you have made sure that the incoming wood has no termite outbreaks, the time has come to protect it (termite control). This ensures that if a termite dare touches your piece, it will not find room to settle and destroy the timber.

To this end, experts recommend that you use natural oils, such as lavender or vetiver oil throughout the piece ensuring that a barrier against the action of these troublesome pests is created, preventing them from appearing.

If the termite is already present in the piece, you can use orange oil, clove oil or neem oil, placing it where the termite is located. Cinnamon oil serves to prevent and treat already infested areas.

Once the termite has infested at some point in your wooden pieces, you have to get rid of the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading.

For this, the ideal is that a general cleaning of the area is done, removing the termite path and then apply poison so that it does not continue to feed on its wood.

Make use of heat

Termites do not get along well with high temperatures, so one of the ways to exterminate the pest is to heat the piece and, thus cause its death. Ideally, you generate high temperatures in the part (close to 130 degrees Celsius).

For this, you will need to insert propane burners near the air ducts. This ensure that hot steam will be directed to the affected wood. This is a more delicate method and will need professional help.

A more traditional way of dealing with termites is to use some remedies that go virtually from parent to child. Vinegar, kerosene, and degreasers are products known to the general public that can be used to kill termites. One must choose one of these products and soak the contaminated part to kill the pest.

You may have realized that eliminating termites in houses and apartments is not one of the most difficult tasks in the world. With a little attention and care it is possible to prevent this inconvenient guest from settling in the buildings.

Termite control

Termite and work are two things that do not match and professionals, like All Clear Exterminating, know it well. The hard thing is to keep this real plague away from the beds, after all, in the works there are always woods!

Just as important as getting good materials for home and apartment work is to ensure that these materials are delivered to the desired quality standards. For this reason, it is indispensable to redouble the attention when receiving the pieces of wood in your work.

Make sure that the wood delivered is the same type you contracted and that the pieces are free of impurities and possible termite outbreaks. If contaminated wood enters the site, termite infestation throughout the work is almost certain.

The methods of disinfestation and types of pesticides vary. They are applicable in different contexts and in relation to various factors, such as the type of pest, the intensity of the infestation. The same applies to the atmospheric conditions of the area to be treated and the characteristics of the environment.

In addition to traditional techniques, there is the possibility of using environmentally-friendly technologies with low or no environmental impact. In any case, all plans to combat pests should be traced and identified with the technologies and strategies recommended by professional organizations.