The Difference Between Gas Water Heater VS. Electric Storage Water Heater

Does your heater only produce cold water, or does it not heat the water as it used to? Buying a new water heater must be the solution to your problem. But before buying it, you need to consider which heater you will buy, whether it is a multiple or single point water heater, or whether you should get a gas or electric model. Finding the correct water heater that matches your demands is more important because both electric and gas have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Electric VS. Gas Water Heaters

While an electric storage water heater employs electric resistance coils to heat water, a gas water heater uses the heat generated by the combustion of a fuel, typically a natural gas. Although electric water heaters are more cost-effective to run than gas water heaters, the cost of the electricity itself drives up the operating costs of an electric heater. In addition, gas water heaters recover far more quickly, which makes them a practical choice for bigger families.

Below is a detailed explanation of the lifespan and cost of electric and gas water heaters:

Lifespan and Cost 

While the initial purchase price of standard gas and electric storage units is comparable, electricity costs more to consume than gas, which implies that electric units are more expensive to operate over time. The demand for a 220-volt outlet and the cabling for this in an electrical panel might increase the cost of installing an electric water heater. Electric water heaters may last significantly longer than gas systems. However, this is mostly determined by local water quality and owner maintenance.

Gas is virtually always a cheaper alternative for customers than electricity, and this alone has led many households to prefer gas water heaters. It is a considerably cheaper choice if a gas connection is already installed in the home. Switching from electric to gas can be costly since it may necessitate the installation of a gas line and exhaust heat venting.

In conclusion, choosing the right water heater will depend on the needs and capabilities of the homeowners. By weighing the explanation above, it is up to you which one is more suitable for your home.

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