With the push of a button, your GRILL triggers its auger and includes a couple of wood pellets to its stainless-steel firepot. At the same time, the igniter of the grill starts heating up, as well as lighting the wood pellets. In a couple of minutes, the odor of smoke floats from the smokestack, the pellets light, your grill roars to life, and the temperature level starts to climb up towards the temperature you have set it for. When the fire is lit, the new smart grill technology turns off the igniter, as well as continues adding pellets, making the temperature climb. As your grill surrounds your set factor, it slows the climb to stop overshooting your chosen temperature. Your smart grill will utilize its exclusive PID Formula to get to the temperature level you pick and will precisely keep that temperature level.


When you open your smart grill, the processor senses the drop-in temperature level and starts adding extra gas to bring the temperature level back to what you set. Once you close the lid, the temperature level will climb, and your grill will recalculate the quantity of gas needed to maintain the picked temperature level. Your smart grills not only compensate for modifications in the weather condition, yet likewise for modifications in the temperature of the food inside the grill. This suggests your smart grill will maintain the selected temperature throughout the whole food preparation process, even if the sunlight decreases or the outdoors temperature level drops dramatically!


Several pellet grills run with the help of old-fashioned timer types for controlling temperature, creating irregular causes on different weather conditions, and the griller needs to readjust in order to make up for those weather. For a consistent outcome, you should avoid purchasing pellet grill as they do not make use of a PID algorithm to regulate its temperature level.

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