The importance of reviewing your home insurance every few years

Home insurance is something that protects the most important asset most people ever have, but yet it goes forgotten and left alone so many times.  So many homeowners just don’t quite understand home insurance, what it covers and how it works.  One of the very important considerations is to not just leave it alone and that you DON’T have it through your mortgage company.

When running auto insurance quotes all day long I always ask people who their home insurance is through and that we should review that as well.  It is always a good idea to review the option of bundling the two policies together, so I make sure that I make the offer to the prospect.  What amazes me is how many people say no that is with my mortgage company.  In almost every case the answer is simply that that isn’t true!  The home insurance is more than likely in escrow meaning you pay the home insurance in monthly installments to the mortgage company with your normal bill and then they pay the insurance on your behalf every year.  Usually the taxes are included in their to when they have an escrow account.  It can be convenient for people and I don’t discourage this.  What I do discourage is the fact that people think they can’t change insurance companies because of this.  The fact is that it’s easier than ever in this case to make the change.  All you need is the mortgage clause and your loan number and the insurance independent insurance agency near me can send the bill to the mortgage company that way they can pay it.

Taking this into consideration and being aware that you should have your insurance agency review your coverage every couple years is a very important decision to make.  Make sure you review different deductibles and what not to make sure your getting all discounts available and also the best rate and coverage needed to take care of you and your families most valuable physical asset, your home!