The Importance Of Rodent Control In Homes

Rodents can damage property and cause health risks for family members and domesticated pets. This includes rats and mice which are the most common type of vermin found in homes. However, there are rodent control specialists that can eliminate these dangerous critters from your properties. With exclusion and sanitation tactics, these professionals have the tools and expertise to rid your home of rats and mice. They also seal entry points that prevent rodents from entering properties. Similarly, they place traps, bait, and other eliminators at strategic points to avoid a full-scale rodent invasion.

Why rats and mice are dangerous?

Rats and mice carry and transmit diseases like rabies. They also love to congregate and breed in warm, arid areas like crawlspaces, basements, or attics. However, vermin are also known to feed and breed within walls in any residential — commercial structure. With this in mind, they are a nuisance and cause millions of dollars in property damages (in some cities) each year. If you see rodent droppings or shredded paper/fabric, chances are you have a rodent infestation present. With years of extensive pest control experience, rodent control experts perform the following to remove rats and mice from your abodes:

• Prevent vermin access by sealing entry points in your home or business.
• Let customers know if they need leaky pipes repaired since they can attract rat and mice activities.
• Urge customers not to keep open food containers around that rats and mice love to feed on. Home/business owners must keep food in tightly sealed containers.
• Place traps and poisons that eliminate vermin and their young onsite.

Where do rodents mainly enter from?

Rodents are as slick as they are dangerous. In fact, rats and mice can find several ways to enter your home and feed on crumbs or open food containers. This includes holes in your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, as well as closets or doors. They also enter properties via holes around the sink or in appliance pipes. One of their main entryways is by gnawing on screens in basements with open windows. They also look for cracked foundations, window holes, or practically any opening to your property. Local pest control agents block these entry-exit paths to prevent rat and mice infestation.

Once these access points are blocked, home and/or business owners must remove sources of food and water. Again, these attract rodents to feed, congregate, and breed within your property’s interiors and exteriors. Local rodent control experts then perform treatments that safely eliminate rats and mice from your properties.

Call your Rodent Control Specialist Today

Rodent control professionals, like northfultonexterminating.com, are just a phone call or e-mail away. These experts provide complimentary consultations and free quotes/estimates for customers. They also offer monthly pest control maintenance plans for area homes and businesses. When it comes to vermin control, they have the latest in baits, traps, and poisons that send mice and rats on their way. As always, rodent control companies follow all guidelines and rules when it comes to protecting you, the family, and the public at large.