The Locksmith Options As Per the Requirement

Has your home fallen victim to a burglary? There is a good chance that a burglar has used the core drawing method for this. This burglary method has been on the rise in recent years and is fairly easy to master. A burglar turns a screw into a lock and then pulls it out, with the cylinder and all. This makes it easy for a burglar to remove the door and he will be in your home in no time. You can take a number of measures to prevent burglars from pulling your cylinder out of the lock.

Prevent core drawing

To ensure that burglars cannot enter your home due to core traits, you can take two measures. Most people choose to protect their homes against nuclear traits with the help of special profile cylinders. These cylinders are made in such a way that it is no longer possible to screw in a screw. It is therefore no longer possible to pull the cylinder out of the lock. This is also the case when you have a special security fitting installed. This fitting is placed over your cylinder, so that the cylinder can no longer be pulled out. Thanks to special screws, the fitting itself cannot be removed.

Have locksmith inspected

Are you curious to what extent your home is sensitive to core features? Then it would be a good idea to have an inspection carried out by an authorized locksmtih. He can check the locks of your home and give advice on whether or not to replace one or more locks or to install a core draw attachment. He can place both the profile cylinders and the core pull fitting for you. A core pull fitting is more expensive than a profile cylinder and this form of protection must be placed very precisely. If you opt for a special fitting to prevent core pulling, it is advisable to engage a locksmith.

Doors open without a key

  • If your home has a modern interior with many high-tech applications, electric locks are the best choice. Not only do these locks fit well with your interior, you can also enjoy a high level of security against burglars. Electric locks can be opened without a key. The lock has no cylinder like most standard locks. The lack of a cylinder and key is the reason why, according to the locksmith, these locks protect your home better against burglaries.

Walk into any hardware store and you will certainly come across multi-point locks. These locks are often a lot more expensive than the standard cylinder locks, so you may be inclined to opt for the cheap variant of the lock. However, this is not advisable, because multi-point locks without certification secure a lot less than the multi-point locks recommended by a locksmith jacksonville.