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Tips for Selecting a Long Distance Moving Company For Your Home

Moving households can be stressful, but an out-of-state move can complicate matters. When you need long distance moving services Wichita Falls TX, look for companies that satisfy the following criteria.

They Are Licensed and Insured

The requirements for obtaining a moving license vary by state, but most state governments expect moving companies to maintain general liability, commercial auto, and worker’s compensation insurance policies. The U.S. Department of Transportation assigns unique numbers to professional moving companies that meet their states’ requirements for federal licensure and insurance. The department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits moving companies without these qualifications from undertaking interstate moves.

They Provide a Full Range of Services

A moving company that can pack up your belongings to ensure their safe arrival can prevent your move from becoming an overwhelming experience. This service should include the appropriate protective materials and disassembly of furniture as necessary. Movers who also unpack and reassemble furniture upon arrival should also factor into your final choice.

They Conduct a Site and Furniture Review 

You can expect a reliable moving company to perform an on-site evaluation of your space and the items you plan to move. This critical step will help a mover identify details, including awkward corners, oversized furniture, the existence of stairs and your items’ weight, that could affect pricing.

They Provide a Written Quote

Before hiring a mover, you should expect to receive a written quote containing a complete list of the items you want to move, the expected arrival time at their destination and a fee cap. Reviewing this paperwork will allow you to ask questions, negotiate fees and ensure a mover’s accountability. Written quotes can also help you compare multiple movers’ services to ensure you choose the best mover within your budget.

Performing the necessary due diligence before hiring a moving company to take your belongings across state lines is essential to protect the items you treasure and your sanity.