To Replace or Not to Replace? The Facts on Commercial Roof Repair

Let’s be honest, roof leaks can really dampen your business. You can’t afford to stop work, put your employees or tenants in an unhealthy or unsafe environment or risk extensive property damage. Your first inclination may be to get someone out to replace the roof ASAP. But we believe that 95 percent of all roofs can actually be repaired instead of replaced. Learn when and why Residential Roofing Systems Repair omaha ne is best.

Common Commercial Roof Leak Culprits

Commercial roofs are intended to last long-term, but problems can arise when a roof is installed wrong, designed incorrectly or not properly maintained. When you spot a leak, the first step is to find a contractor that services all types of commercial roofs, has highly-trained service technicians, fast response times and shows up when they say they will. You don’t want that small leak to turn into a flood while waiting on the roofer.

The contractor you hire should analyze where your leak(s) are coming from, be able to quickly make repairs if possible and show you exactly what they did. Be wary of companies who immediately suggest a roof replacement.

For example, our invoices show what roof repairs were made, where they were made and how they will stop the leak.

The Pros of Commercial Roof Repair

You may be surprised to know that roof repairs not only save money, they can actually increase the lifespan of the your commercial roof, allowing you more time to budget for replacement down the road.

Your commercial roof may be a good candidate for repair if:

• The membrane is in good shape overall and/or the roof has not exceeded its lifespan

• The roof has good insulation

• Budget is a concern

If commercial roof repair is best in your situation, it’s important to note you still have options in the type of service you receive.

We give our clients four options to further help keep costs in check:

• Time & Material – This is th quickest fix; we’ll only call before the repair if you have a Not-To-Exceed budget limit for the repairs, and we’ll invoice you for time and materials right after.

• Price-Is-Right Proposal – We’ll arrive with the tools to fix your leak but will call with the price. If you approve, we’ll complete the repairs; if not, you only pay for the diagnosis.

• Quoted Repair – This option is ideal in situations requiring multiple bids; we’ll send a solution consultant to perform an evaluation and provide you a quote.

• Budget Pricing – If you’re planning for the upcoming year, we’ll meet you onsite to learn about your roof system and help develop a plan.

When You Can’t Avoid Replacement

There are times when a roof may require replacement such as:

• The repair is too extensive with 25 percent or more of the roof damaged

• You don’t have the proper amount of insulation or energy efficiency

• The insulation is wet

• The roof has exceeded its lifespan

Look for a company that will work with you to find the best option for your property – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for commercial roofs. Also, make sure the contractor is certified by leading manufacturers such as Carlisle, GAF, Versico, GE, Progressive Materials and FiberTite to ensure they’ll bring the highest quality commercial roofing materials to your project. They should also offer a range of warranty options; our warranties range from 90 days to 50 years.

To learn more about our commercial roof repair services in Nashville or Johnson City, TN, contact ACS today.

Adam Capps is VP and co-owner at ACS Commercial Roofing (acs-roofing.com) in Nashville and Johnson City, TN. Adam leads the Mid-South region and is focused on delivering roofing solutions that perfectly suit property owners’ and facility executives’ business needs, allowing clients to approach their roof systems as managed assets rather than liabilities.