Top 4 Advantages of Putting Quartz Countertops In Your House

Your house is calling for a total renovation. The kitchen needs a new fresh look. What are you waiting for? Get down to a wide variety of quartz stones for some brilliant countertops in your kitchen. 

The following are the top 4 advantages of putting a quartz countertop in your house:


  • Choice of Appearance


Granite is a natural stone that comes in multiple colors and patterns after going through the process of cooling and solidifying its materials. However, granite offers very less choice when it comes to choosing your own design for your kitchen. Quartz, on the other hand, allows the homeowners to customize their own designs. The process of selecting the best design of quartz for your kitchen countertop is faster as you can simply design a style and choose a color matching the other interiors of your kitchen. 


  • It Is Friendly With The Environment


If there is any special granite you are looking for, you will need to order it from Italy. This involves a lengthier and expensive process. Besides, a lot of time is wasted in its transportation. Since quartz is a home-grown stone, you can simply customize the design and color you are looking for and use it as your kitchen pride.


  • It Is Cost-Effective


The average cost of buying granite from a retailer ranges between $2500 and $4000. You can reduce this cost by directly buying it from a wholesaler, but the actual installation process has to be done by a professional only. For quartz, you can reduce the other costs by doing some basic work; however, due to this heavy-duty material, it is recommended that you opt for a professional installer only.        


  • Very Low Maintenance


Granite countertops need daily cleaning with soapy water. Moreover, it is not stain-free. You will need to reseal your granite furnishing every year to ensure longevity. You can choose varieties of designs of quartz countertops at places such as the quartz countertops in chicago. You do not require resealing your quartz countertops for its long life. Regular cleaning is okay to ensure its maintenance.