Top Trends in Custom Home Builder Design in Burlington

When it comes to designing every home owner wants his home to have a modern touch and attractiveness. Almost every year designers set the new trends by analyzing which type of designs are more popular and are being widely used in the market these days. Following are the top trends in custom home builder design in Burlington.

  • Sun rooms:

Sun rooms are not a recent concept they have been in market for quite a few time. But these days sun rooms are among the most trending design in custom home. They act as an escape from hi-tech living rooms with a focus on leisure. It can be a waste if not planned properly in cold places but if well planned it can be used comfortable year around. Buyers in cold climates such as Burlington in winters should also consider installing a fireplace or base board heating

  • Walk in showers:

Just like kitchens even bathrooms are getting a lot of attention these days. Walk in showers are also not a new concept but they never went out of style. Natural lighting and massive overhead shower heads have been two of the top trends for bathrooms designs in new home. Many of the new design features a glass door, glazed door or no door at all. Get more here 

  • Living kitchens:

Living kitchen is also among the top trends for custom home builders in Burlington. More over to great rooms kitchen is a great place to hang. The days of the isolated back-burner kitchen days are over. These days kitchen are open and have progressed from being isolated to center of the house. Minimalist kitchen tends to be smaller but they certainly don’t sacrifice space for community.

  • Heated entryway floors:

Heated entryway floors are one of the hottest home building trends in Burlington. Considering that the fact that the winters in Burlington are very cold so heated entryway floors are perfect escape from the shivering cold. Your guest will immediately feel the warmth when they will take off their ice- laden boots and step foot on the heated entryway floors. 

  • Outdoor living space:

What started out as a simple fireplace has transformed into a whole new outdoor living space. Families want to utilize every inch of their property. By creating outdoor living space is how they are using as much of their property as they can. Full kitchens, bars, and even living room sets are common outside. It is also among the top trends in custom home building in Burlington.

  • Green building practices:

Another great trend in custom home builder in Burlington is using effective energy generating process. One of these ways include using solar panels. They are totally clean and effective. Considering the fact that summers in Burlington are not that hot but that doesn’t mean solar panels isn’t an effective way to save energy. Hydropower is also emerging in custom home building. Most people are not fortunate enough to get them installed but they are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills too.

  • Reclaimed woods:

Using reclaimed wood is also trending in custom home builder in Burlington. It can be used as flooring and siding on homes which give it a rustic, lived in feel to it that is hard to replicate. Woods used from deconstructed barn and box cars not only gives you home an aesthetic look but also helps the environment as well by not needing to buy new lumber. In addition to that reclaimed wood is also stronger than new manufactured wood due to the length of time the trees were allowed to grow before they were harvested.