With an abundance of different items to beautify your residential and commercial properties, inclusive of all the synthetic and non-synthetic fibers and various other options available in the market, have you ever given it a thought what is it that makes woolen carpets so special and the most desired option among its customers?

Let’s get an overview of ITC WOOLEN CARPETS and you will be clarified!

Our woolen carpets are BIO-DEGRADABLE:

Considering the mother earth and how we can contribute our share in keeping it clean and the environment healthier, wool is one of the best options available for you because it easily degrades in the soil and produces essential plant nutrients necessary for their growth such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen etc. This trait of wool makes it a worthy choice to be used in various concerned products especially in the manufacturing of carpets.

Thus, if you go for our woolen carpets you can be sure of the fact that once you are likely to dispose ff yours, it will decompose in the soil only to further benefit the environment.

Wool is naturally produced!

One of the key elements that makes wool a healthy choice for carpet making industry is its natural production from natural resources including water, sun and grass. Additively its also requires very low energy than other synthetic fibers. Therefore, it is very energy efficient!

Temperature Control:

ITC WOOLEN CARPETS ease its customers by saving their money in the maintenance of temperatures by keeping the indoor environment warmer by preventing the loss of heat and also via heat emissions from the floor. Thus, it is an affordable option and a must for cold weather residents. Read more here https://www.itcnaturalluxuryflooring.com/natural-carpets/wool-carpets

Aesthetically fit:

If we look into the ornamental aspect of household and offices, ITC WOOLEN CARPETS are the most desired choice among its customers because of the vast range of choices that we provide along with the soft and comfortable texture and the specifically woven ideas.

Also, we have a trained staff to help you out while you areshopping with us to make you take the right decision.

Woolen carpets cannot be crushed!

Of course, when you are investing your money in anything, you are likely to ensure its durability. So, one of the noteworthy aspects of ITC WOOLEN CARPETS is that their curls always bounce back when they are moved onto, so the texture is maintained because wool is crush free.

Its comfortable round the year:

Woolen carpets are sold vastly all over the year, despite the weather conditions because they are slip free thus enabling them to be a safer choice especially at home with toddlers.Moreover, they have immensely unique insulation properties therefore they keep the house warm.

Sound absorption:

Along with the insulation, they also provide sound absorption so your house and workplace is less noisy if you opt for woolen carpets over other flooring options available.

So now you have gone through the various benefits provided by woolen carpets, feel free to contact ICT NATURAL LUXURY FLOORING to avail from our vast range of options.