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What Services Do Most Lawn Care Companies Provide?

There are many different services that a lawn care company can provide. These services include weed control, fertilization, soil health, and turf disease management. Read on to learn more about each service. Below are some examples of the services that most lawn care companies provide. Weed control services include hand weeding and chemical weed control. Leaf removal services include blowing or raking fallen leaves. Yards that require trimming have more aesthetic appeal and must be maintained regularly.


Fertilization is a necessary step for healthy, lush grass. Although it might seem easy, fertilization is a complex process that requires a certain kind of equipment and expertise that homeowners may lack. A professional like in lawn care saint Augustine fl can identify your lawn’s needs and provide the best solution for its needs. For example, an overly fertilized lawn could lead to patches where no grass grows.

There are several types of fertilizer available, each with different benefits. Warm-season grasses need fertilization in the spring, while cool-season grasses need it during the late summer and early fall. Fertilization is beneficial for most homeowners, with one to four applications being the standard recommended. Depending on the type of grass and soil condition, this number of applications can vary.

Weed control

Weeds are an unsightly, often harmful part of any lawn. Weeds are plants that thrive in poor soil, and they can also damage other types of yard plants. Weed control services by a professional lawn care company keep weeds under control, keeping the yard looking green and attractive. By adequately controlling weeds, these professionals also improve the organic matter level in the soil, allowing desirable plants to flourish. A healthy immune system is essential for your yard. Without it, weeds will take over and ruin it.

Professional lawn care companies use environmentally friendly weed control products that are not harmful to your lawn. A well-maintained lawn will produce three times more oxygen than an unmaintained lawn. This is significant because weeds are one of the most giant stumbling blocks for healthy trees. Thankfully, most companies provide this service as part of their standard service.

Soil health

A vital part of a healthy lawn is the soil, complex water, air, and organic matter ecosystem. The ground is alive with millions of beneficial microorganisms in a healthy environment. In addition to supporting plant growth, healthy soil supports nutrient cycling and regulates water supply. In addition, 50 percent of the soil is water and air. Consequently, soil health must be maintained to ensure a healthy lawn and garden.

If you’re concerned about your lawn’s soil quality, soil testing can help determine the problem and fix it. Having your lawn tested for its pH level will help determine which nutrient levels are missing or need attention. The pH of your soil also impacts how well your lawn can absorb nutrients. Healthy soil will be more resistant to diseases and weeds. In addition, it will require less water.

Turf disease management

The proper mowing practices will help prevent and control turf diseases, as do the right fertilizer and chemical applications. A healthy lawn will avoid severe disease outbreaks. Turfgrass comprises at least 500 to 1,000 individual plants per square foot. Each plant requires the right amount of water, fertilizer, and mowing regime to grow and thrive. In addition to these basic requirements, turf needs well-drained soil and aerated drainage.

Typically, fungi cause most turf diseases. Though most are self-limiting, weather conditions can worsen and will not respond well to fungicide treatments. Most lawn care companies offer this service separately. When choosing a lawn care company, the most crucial aspect is its service. Some companies don’t provide mowing, so it is best to shop around for a lawn care service that offers both.