What to Look for When Hiring a Construction Company

When considering hiring a construction company, there are many questions that need to be answered before proceeding to sign a contract. Not all construction companies are equal and doing a bit of research can mean the difference between a successful project and glorified mess. Here’s what you need to find out about potential candidates.

Years in Business and Alternate Names

You’ll want to find out how many years the construction company has been in business and inquire about the skill level of their contractors. Use the Internet to your advantage to check out whether a candidate has changed the company name multiple times.

This could indicate that they developed a bad reputation or dealt with legal issues they want to leave behind. However, name changes can occur after mergers or other business changes.

Licensing and Registration Status

The first thing you want to ask a construction company up for contention is whether they are registered and licensed with the proper governing bodies.

Doing business with unregistered or unlicensed companies presents numerous risks, and it’s solidly advised to pass on such companies in lieu of those who operate more responsibly.

Look for a Permanent Construction Company Address

Companies lacking a physical address should ignite warning sirens, as this could make them hard to track down issues arise. In fact, not having a physical address could mean that the company is operating illegally or enacting a scam of sorts. You can actually use Google Earth to view their facility and to even see projects companies use for references.

Ask for References

Good references are essential to consider when choosing a construction company. The key to success is actually taking the time to verify the information. Make sure references offered are valid, and actually speak to someone about the work quality and reliability of their services.