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Which Oven Should You Choose For Your Kitchen Renovation

One of the major elements for functionality in your kitchen is the oven and stovetop. Choosing the right one depends on how often it’s used, how many people you’re cooking for, the size of your kitchen, your interior design style and your budget.

Electric or Gas

One of the top decisions you need to make is whether you want the power source to be electric or gas. Many professional cooks and home cooks prefer the uniform heat output that gas ranges provide. Unlike an electric range where you may notice hot spots while cooking, the flames surround the entire bottom of your cookware. If you don’t like the idea of open flames because of little kids in the home or your own priorities, an electric range may be the better choice for your oven installation Washington DC. They have the ability to boil water faster than gas so if you like to move quickly in the kitchen, take that into consideration.

Type of Design

One of the most common, and least expensive options, is a freestanding stove. It can fit anywhere in the kitchen and typically has the controls mounted on a raised backboard. Slide-in ranges sit flush against the cabinets you have and cost slightly more because the controls are mounted on the front. A double oven can be useful if you cook regularly for large amounts of people. Two separate ovens are stacked on top of each other and fit against a wall.


Many appliances come with a plethora of extra functions, including wireless capabilities, convection fans, additional cooking modes and baking drawers. None of these things are necessary but can be useful depending on what you enjoy cooking.

To avoid complete overwhelm when you walk into an appliance store, make a list of things you want or don’t want for your new oven. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the exact design and functionality you crave to enhance your time in the kitchen.