Why Roofing Repair Is Important Before Selling Your Home

When selling your house, you want it to be in pristine condition to obtain maximum revenue. You’ll first think about fixing broken installations like taps and lamps. However, some areas which matter the most to homebuyers can be costly to restore, like the roof. If you need help, consider westernroofingsystemssanjose.com.

Will the moss on your rooftop or some missing shingles matter when selling the property? Due to the cost associated with roofing repair or replacement, you might consider selling the house as-is. However, it can have a significant effect on how the deal goes.

Why the Condition of the Roof Matters

Experts in the real estate industry campaign for repairing a damaged roof before listing a property for sale. Their rationale is that homes with curb appeal are attractive to buyers. The roof is quite conspicuous, and it contributes to how a prospective homebuyer thinks about the property at a glance.

A roof that has outlived its time will be apparent at the site or in pictures. It might deter potential buyers even if the rest of the house is fantastic. A new roof, on the other hand, will facelift your home. Indicating that you replaced it recently will act as a selling point.

Besides attracting customers, a perfect roof raises the value of your home. Your house will sell for a higher price than comparable homes requiring renovation. Having the roof repaired or replaced before advertising the property also reduces the buyer’s opportunities for bargaining.

Comparing Cost against Value

The decision to repair or replace the roof or sell the home as-is depends on the condition of the roof and the implied cost. According to studies, you can recoup about 68.2% of the value of replacing the roof of a midrange home in the United States. Other sources suggest that roof repair will net you at least $2800 above selling as-is.

Some conditions will compel you to sell the house as-is, for example:
• The roof is still intact
• You can’t afford to fix the roof
• You cannot wait for roof repairs

Be prepared to lose some hundreds or thousands of dollars if you sell your home with roof damaged. It might also take you several weeks before finding an interested buyer. You may resort to lowering the price of your home below the average for similar properties in your region.

Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

By embracing routine maintenance, you can avoid expensive repairs and prevent roof damage from hurting your home’s appraisal. Roofs deteriorate with time, mostly because of inclement weather. You can protect your roof from weather damage in the following ways:

• Prune the Nearby Trees

Cut tree branches hanging over your house. They might fall in high wind and puncture or break the roofing material. Leaves can trigger rotting of the roof or block the gutters, causing an overflow of rainwater.

• Repair the Damaged Areas Promptly

Replace missing or damaged shingles as soon as possible. Failure to do this will cause water seepage through the underlayment. Leaky roofs are responsible for high energy consumption and damage to ceilings, walls, and other installations.

• Insulate the Attic

Keep the attic properly insulated. When heat escapes through the roof in winter, ice dams might form on the roof. They develop as a result of a cycle of melting and refreezing of snow at the rooftop.

Bottom Line

Roof maintenance helps to detect issues with your roof and have it repaired. A sturdy roof protects your home and makes it more attractive to homebuyers. Before selling your home, a roof inspector can advise whether roofing repair is needed or not.