Before you try dealing with a clogged drainpipe in your bathroom or kitchen using an off-the-shelf chemical drainpipe cleaner, you will intend to take into consideration a few of the surprise dangers as well as potential damage it might create to your plumbing problems.

  • Drain cleaners are unmethodical. If you pour these caustic chemicals into your pipes and drains, it will not uniquely liquify the blockage and leave the pipelines alone. It will eat away at whatever it touches, including your pipelines.
  • Acidic drain cleaners can trigger pipeline deterioration. Ideally, the chemical will dissolve the blockage as well as keep relocating into the major drainage system. However, if it does not destroy the blockage, it will continue to be stuck. So, the unsafe chemicals will remain in your drain lines, gnawing at your pipelines.
  • Suppose your pipelines are plastic? When your pipes gets created from PVC or any kind of other plastic, you should never use a fluid drain cleaner. The chemicals can penetrate the plastic a lot easier and allow the acids to permeate into other surfaces as well.
  • What if you have old metal pipes? Opportunities are that older steel pipelines will have rust as well as pits in the steel as a result of extreme use. If a chemical drain cleaner comes to be trapped inside a location where water cannot quickly flush it, it is going to continue to harm it away, triggering even further rust.
  • What happens if the trouble is not a clogged-up pipeline, but something more major? Little pipes blockages might respond well to a chemical drain cleaner, yet they truly don’t benefit many obstructed drains. If your backed-up drainpipe is due to a broken pipe or an issue in your sewage system line, obviously, these chemicals are not the solution.


Chemical drainpipe cleaners feature solid cautions regarding their correct use and their prospective dangers to individuals and animals. The fumes created by these items can be damaging and even deadly if inhaled.

Furthermore, back-ups that can happen when these drainpipe cleaners remain in usage could result in spills that might cause skin irritation or injury.

Chemical drain cleaners wind up in lakes, rivers, as well as garbage dumps where they can toxin animals. So, it’s finest to reconsider prior to using them.

It is always better to contact a professional plumber for drain and pipe maintenance.