Wood Options for Your Staircase

A wooden staircase has been always regarded as a bright interior accent that combines reliability, durability, and charms. The most suitable material for staircase manufacturing is natural wood. Wood comes in wide types of species and each one offers a variety of benefits. Moreover, wood has “capricious” material which does not suit with high humidity. Here are a few types of wood that you can use for your staircases:


Oakwood is a very popular wood and commonly used both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, Oak is not only used for manufacturing carvings, veneers, and parquet but also used for interior decoration, furniture production, and in the construction industry. Durability and moisture resistance are the strength of oak wood. The Oakwood come in around 600 varieties worldwide and they are classified into two major categories: red oak and white oak. In particular, red oak is usually found in many parts of North America and it is a very popular wood over there. It suits the best with the stairs.


Walnut is moderately hard and strong wood comes with a striking even texture. It is quite easy to polish and maintain. Walnut has over 20 species and they grow in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Walnut is a very thick and long-lasting tree but can quickly be trimmed and removed. The color and structure of walnut wood vary significantly according to the climate and soil, but it is always extremely decorative. The more old wood is the darker color and value it has. The unique characteristics of a walnut wood offer them to be used in the manufacture of furnishings, floors, musical instruments and interior decor.


Maple is a strong and thick wood, it has beautiful texture. The maple wood’s strength is slightly higher than oak. The color of the maple tree is completely white, occasionally yellowish or pinkish. Maple wood is a fine interior decoration material that blends impressively with dark characteristics. Maple wood is used in the manufacture of walls, stairs, chairs, trims, and woods wherever a consistent color is required.


Ash is hard, flexible and comes with beautiful texture. Ash has light tan / gray shade with bright, clear fibers. Ashwood is similar to oak in many ways, but lighter and does not have pronounced core rays. This substance is not resistant enough to the external impacts and quickly deteriorates upon contact with the ground.

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