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3 Interesting Ways To Shade Your Yard

Making sure your yard gets plenty of sunlight is an important element of creating an enjoyable place to socialize and enjoy your time. You also need to make sure there is plenty of shade to give your yard some balance. Here are three interesting ways to shade your yard.

1. Retractable And Portable Options

You don’t need to construct permanent shade structures if you don’t want to. There are plenty of portable, adjustable and removable options, too. Retractable pergola covers, umbrellas, awnings and tents are just some of these more portable options. You can move them around your property to meet shade needs throughout the day or place and remove them whenever you want more or less sunlight.

2. Trees And Vines

There are also many natural options for providing shade. Most people think of very tall, leafy trees that can cover plenty of ground with their canopies. However, you don’t need to look for properties with these trees already planted or wait for them to grow to create more shade. You can also plant groups of smaller trees, fill trellises, arches and open rafters with vines or choose trees that grow quickly.

3. Curtains And Shades

Sometimes, you need vertical shade as well as horizontal shade. Vertical shade protects you from low-angle sunlight, which can occur at certain parts of the day, particularly on parts of your property facing west and east. Curtains are popular sources of shade for indoor spaces, but for outdoor spaces, you should look for something more weather-proof, such as waterproof roller shades, shrub lines, and screens or curtains designed for outdoor use.

There is no one right way to provide shade to an area. Some people prefer natural shade while others like the idea of structures and technology providing their shade. Choose the options you like best.