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4 Key Components of a Good Roof

Do you own a home or are planning on investing in one? A sturdy roof is crucial for any structure to protect it from water damage and mold. Here are some important facets of a good roof.

Strong Framing

It’s not part of the roof, but without a strong frame, your home won’t be able to support one. Over time, and especially when there is heavy snowfall, the supports holding your roof may buckle and even cave in. A strong frame to hold your roof is crucial to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Proper Insulation

Another key factor of a good roof is sufficient insulation. Otherwise, your home will be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, and your heating and air conditioning system will struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your home has an attic, poor insulation means your attic gets hot in the summer, and the shingles on your roof overheat, making them wear out sooner. For a good roofer contact residential roofer Lafayette LA.

Moisture Barrier

A sound roof will have an underlayer that is made out of tar paper, felt or fiberglass paper. These materials keep the moisture away, crucial in protecting your home from rot and mold. Not all insurance companies provide coverage for mold, so you want to prevent it as much as possible. On rainy days, you also want to direct that water off your roof by installing flashing near the eaves and around skylights and solar panels.

Tough Outer Layer

You want shingles or metal sheeting to provide the strongest outer barrier possible. Not only will the right shingles protect your home, but they add to the curbside appeal of your place and prevent leaks.

Knowing the important factors of a good roof will help you have the safest home possible and the best investment.