5 Home Renovation Ideas Worth Investing In?

Sprucing up the place is no small endeavour, even though it may sound like that. When facing the choice to either move house or renovate, most homeowners go for a remodel. It’s a wise choice, but only when proper steps are followed.

Unfortunately, the upgrades often fail to pay for themselves. Strategic thinking is of the essence here. Especially when you are on a limited budget. Consider looking for renovation companies offering renovation packages such as AT Identity to stay within your budget.

The Kitchen

Most homeowners consider their kitchen to be the heart of their home. With that in mind, giving it a makeover is sure to pay off.

But, it’s important to exercise restraint. The kitchen shouldn’t be fancier than the rest of your home, or your neighbourhood. If you’re planning to sell your house within the next couple of years, be cautious. A lot of people won’t pay for a luxury kitchen.

Prices can run the gamut when it comes to how much you spend on renovating the kitchen. They can range from £4,000 to £60,600; and perhaps even more.

Look at the colour if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Paint is quite affordable and goes a long way.

The best course of action would be to use low-VOC paint. Regular fresh paint can have terrible off-gassing. Low-VOC paint is eco-friendly.

Also, energy-efficient appliances are the way to go. Replace old appliances with Energy Star-rated models. Such appliances use much less energy, so they help you save money.

Wooden Deck

Who can say no to a nice outdoor living space? More and more people prefer to stay home when they are on holiday. If you fall into that group, you’d want your garden to look more desirable.

A nice place to entertain is always welcome. A new deck can significantly increase the value of your home, like these on Corell. If you decide to sell, a beautiful deck will almost entirely pay itself off.

Adding a wooden deck can run you anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000. It all depends on the exact material and design. You also need to consider whether you want built-in flower pots, multiple-stairs, built-in seating, or any other bells and whistles.

By doing all the work yourself, you can save a significant amount of money. However, that’s no easy task. For starters, you’ll need a bunch of specific tools.

They can be a big investment, especially if you won’t use them again. If you decide to hire someone, ask for specifics when requesting a quote.


The lungs of every home. And yet, many people neglect ductwork when they are planning a remodel.

If your ductwork is old or not configured properly, it’s already costing you a lot of money. Proper ductwork can increase your cooling or heating capacity by more than 50 per cent, like this at Thor.

But, if your ductwork is not up to par, it can significantly reduce the system’s ability to cool or heat on cold or hot days. In other words, it won’t work well when you need it the most.

Energy efficiency, good air quality, and consistent temperatures are all considerable benefits that good ductwork design brings. The system is especially important in the kitchen.

It handles air contaminated by odour, smoke, grease, oil, and fumes.  If you treasure cost-efficiency and a healthy-environment the most, this should be high on your list.


This item should be right up there with ductwork. If your house doesn’t have basic insulation, it costs much more to live in and maintain than it should. Updating your insulation doesn’t cost much, but has tangible benefits.

You can save £2,000 a year, and more, just by making a few adjustments. For instance, you can save hundreds on your utility bills each year just by adding extra insulation to your attic. That endeavour shouldn’t cost more than £200.


Again, it all comes down to energy efficiency. Nobody likes looking through old, drafty, single-pane windows. Especially when you are well-aware of the fact that they are eating up your money.

You can save up to £400 a year by installing Energy Star-rated windows. In an average-sized home, window replacement costs £6,000 to £8,000. Eventually, they will recoup your investment.


Focus on upgrades that add comfort and character to your house, rather than luxury. Don’t forget about the importance of energy efficiency either. With those two thoughts in mind, your home renovation project is sure to become a success. And I would suggest to check Tool Report which can definitely help you renovating your home.