7 Facts about Metal Roofing for Residential Homes in Edmonton, AB

Resigned to leaving the roof garden, you hardly consider the next jump on an ancestral home: a metal roof is slippery! Renowned to withstand winds of 200 km / h, she will certainly resist you too. The management of the company AMT Roofing, has just completed the installation of a metal roof without visible screws. The screws weaken the tightness of the roof. For the proper metal roofing this is the best deal now. So you need to be specific.

Fact 1: The Roof Changes

The ancestral roof proposed by the company is a sliding system (male and female sides) sold for $ 12 to $ 18 / sq. Ft., Installation included. Who does not like to admire one of those majestic metal roofs covering the top of an ancestral home? In addition to their very attractive aesthetic aspect, the metal roofs manufactured are Canada products. Available in a multitude of colors, they are covered by a 50-year transferable warranty. Such a roof requires minimal maintenance and is renowned for its lightness. In case of the residential metal roofing options are there. This is the reason that you can have the best deals here.

Fact 2: Light Steel Usages

The Roof also offers the light steel roof tiles, available in many styles and colors. They are manufactured with a steel shingle coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy, and then with polymer-bonded mineral-coated mineral granules. 

Fact 3: They are Expensive

Despite their advantages, these tiles are very expensive: they sell for between $ 6 and $ 10 / sq. Ft., Installation included. “When people are told how much does it cost! Well, they need door knobs, and frames. So where do they cut? On the roof!

Fact 4: Available in 8 Colours

With the appearance of a “textured stucco” finish, they come in eight colors. These shingles are made from new and recycled steel and are 100% recyclable. Guaranteed for 50 years, they require no major maintenance, like other metal roofs.

Fact 5: Used As Roofing Cover

Wakefield Bridge shingles are coated with a PVDF (homopolymer of vinylidene fluoride) paint and a reflective product called Cool Roof. These coatings are known to protect from the sun, reduce the costs associated with summer air conditioning, increase the strength of the roof and prevent colour fading. The companies offer these shingles at $ 3.50 / sq. Ft., but the price varies between $ 6.50 and $ 8 / sq. Ft. with the installation. When it comes to the metal roofing system you can have the best deals now.

Fact 6: It is impossible to isolate too much

Excessive insulation does not exist. It is wrong to think that a layer of (too) thick insulation causes mold. The opposite is true. Fungi and condensation occur precisely where the insulation is broken, too thin or misplaced. For the residential metal roofing this is the best deal now.

Fact 7: Warranty Available

These tiles are also covered by a 50-year transferable warranty. It’s certain that you create pollution when you make steel, but the roof lasts up to 150 years and the tiles are recyclable.

When it comes to the AMT Roofing then you can be the best option here. The options are there and that is the reason you can have the best deals here. Be sure that you can have the best deals here. The right service comes from the professionals now.