Smarter Options for the Shower Water Filter

It is widely known that active chlorine is added to tap water for disinfection purposes. This aggressive chemical substance, both directly and through the creation of free radicals (a derivative of chlorine organic matter), makes water unsafe. Such water is not only undesirable to eat. We use the same water when taking a shower or bath. Moreover, for these purposes we use hot water, and as a result, a significant amount of residual chlorine easily evaporates. With the use of the Best shower water filter you can find the best options.

Probably, many paid attention to the unpleasant smell of chlorine in the bathroom when we use the shower. We breathe this air.

The Use of the Shower Filter

The shower filter in the shower cabin Drops of shower water have a finely divided structure. The surface area of ​​the water in this case is thousands of times larger than if water in the same volume flowed from the tap. Thus, the amount and concentration of gaseous chlorine that evaporates from such an area increases dramatically. When we breathe air while taking a shower, the body receives about 100 times more chlorine and its volatile compounds than when we drink the same water.

  • Poisonous fumes also spread throughout the house and are inhaled by all its inhabitants. Once in the lungs, and through them into the bloodstream, they are carried throughout the body, causing great harm to it. That is why Western ecologists and doctors recommend opening a window while bathing or shortening the time spent in the bathroom. Prolonged hot showers can be extremely dangerous.
  • As a result, chlorine in the air damages the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and lung tissue. And chlorine in water has a destructive effect on the skin and hair. The skin begins to peel off, the hair loses its shine and color. Such water can also be dangerous for children, especially newborns, with their delicate skin.

Getting on the skin, chlorine causes various irritations and allergic reactions. Regular exposure to aggressive organochlorine not only leads to dryness, premature aging of the skin and a sad cosmetic effect, but can also lead to chronic allergies, skin diseases, etc.

Millions of women all over the world buy special shampoos for colored hair daily for the sole purpose of overcoming the destructive effect of chlorine in tap water on colored hair and their rapid loss of color. Isn’t it easier to fight the root cause by removing chlorine from the water with a filter?

Last Words

Customers who have purchased a shower filter confirm the unprecedented softness of the water, the silkiness of the skin after taking a shower. Forever disappears the need to buy expensive products for skin and hair, which were originally developed to mitigate the effects of chlorinated water on humans.