Advantages and disadvantages of rubber mattresses (latex mattress)


Very good price products, good support for the skeleton

Very hygroscopic and very hygroscopic nature, very good air circulation.
No subsidence or melting problems over time.
Reliability is very high elasticity because inherited properties from natural rubber mattresses.
With 100% natural rubber material to ensure safety for users’ health.


One problem is that rubber is very susceptible to corrosion when exposed or exposed to gasoline or oil.
Because it is pure rubber, the weight of the mattress will be relatively heavy, making it difficult to move
Suitable for lying straight back
Buy a rubber mattress that fits your budget
You want to choose the rubber mattress products that are suitable for your money, when you look at the price list of products, you also know which product you should choose.

I personally think that if your home’s economic conditions are quite good, you should choose for yourself that product line is KymDan rubber mattress because this is a product that doctors to ensure good health.

In addition, if the high-end segment, any brand also has you can choose products with thickness from 15cm, this will absolutely support the body well. such as Lien A latex mattress with the thickness of 15cm or Van Thanh latex mattresses 15cm with the price of over 10 million.

The mid-range products for the relative income family can be counted as rubber mattresses with a thickness of 5cm usually these lines are quite good price, everyone should equip themselves a mattress to be able to help. Stable and healthier.

Young rubber mattresses and artificial rubber have been interested by many people recently
Remain in your hand for a period of less than 10 seconds .emory foam is the name of a material that “memory foam” its true name.

This means that when you put your hand on its surface, after letting go of Memory Foam or Young Rubber.