Dust And Dirt Of Entrance Mats

One of the reasons – but it is not the only one – for which some companies or public institutions wish to give a carpet the entrance of their buildings, is the cleanliness. In other words, installing a carpet, and even more certain types of carpet, at the entrance of a building, can capture a lot of dirt, dust or external microbes and thus make the indoor environment cleaner.

However, according to the classic adage of physicists: “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. Also, the dirt and dust that the carpet holds are certainly not in the building, but are found on the carpet

Various Factors Contribute To The Accumulation Of Dirt On Carpets

Various factors help to see the various dirt and dust accumulate on the tapetes para negocio. It is possible to mention at least three:

  • The external environment: the more the environment adjoining the entrance of the building carries dirt, and more dirt captured by the entrance carpet will be numerous
  • The frequency of the passages: the number of dust and dirt trapped in the carpet will increase, in particular, according to the number of daily passages on the carpet
  • The use of buildings: the very use of certain establishments (factories, schools, etc.) means that users’ shoes will carry more dirt, and therefore the carpets will capture even more

The Question Of Cleaning Arises And Depends On The Material And Configuration Of The Carpet

A good Tapete fitness must fulfill a dual purpose: protect your coating while capturing some of the dirt carried by the soles. In other words, an tapetes de hule must, on the one hand, and initially, remove dirt and dust carried by the soles of users and, secondly and in a second time, keep captive these dirt and dust so that they do not reappear. Thus, the question of cleaning the carpet becomes all the more acute.

On this issue of cleaning the carpet, it is particularly possible to refer to the tutorial “How to maintain the carpet input.” As detailed in this tutorial, two main elements should be considered when it comes to maintaining and cleaning a rug: the material they are made of and their configurations. According to these two criteria, the cleaning techniques, as well as the frequency with which a carpet must be cleaned, may vary.