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Are awning windows better than sliders?

Awning windows and sliders are modern types of windows popular in modern buildings. So, if you are planning to replace your old windows, these are among the most common options available. You only have to contact windows and doors companies near you for the available designs.

However, the debate about which is better between awning windows and sliders continues. To have a clear perspective about both types of windows, a little explanation and examination of their features is not a bad idea. Consequently, read this write-up to the end to know the conclusion.

1. Style/Design

Awning windows open outwards up to 45 degrees angle, and they are best suited for spaces that are harder to reach like bathrooms and kitchens. Sliders open horizontally and are suitable for spaces with shorter walls. Besides, awning windows are hinged at the top of the window casing while sliders are mounted in tracks.

2. Functionality

Awning windows are crank-operated windows attached to the window bottom, while sliders are operated by sliding or gliding the glass panel across the track to close or open.

3. Ease of Use

Awning windows have a crank handle to operate the windows, while sliders do not have any handles but are easy to open and close.

4. Weather Resistance

Awning windows’ design allows them to be opened during the rain without exposing the home to water seepage. Sliders, on the other hand, are not as weatherproof as awning windows because sliders are on tracks.

5. Energy Efficiency

Awning windows are extremely energy-efficient because of the cranking system that makes airtight seal possible and that improves the home’s energy efficiency. However, sliders are not airtight, which makes them not as energy-efficient as awning windows.

6. Ventilation

Awning windows offer excellent ventilation. Sliders are also suitable for ventilation. However, awning windows can withstand a strong breeze than sliders.

7. Cleaning

Awning windows need more cleaning than other types of windows. Meanwhile, sliders’ tracks are more difficult to clean.

8. Maintenance

Sliders are low maintenance windows, while awning windows require higher maintenance than other window types.

9. Cost

Awning windows are cheaper than sliders. An awning window costs $300 – $800 while a slider costs $300 – $1,500 per window.


The facts are clear – the differences between the two window types are not many but awning windows are suitable for more areas than sliders. Your choice will be based on preferences. However, hire a professional window installer for the project by assessing all the available windows and doors companies in your neighbourhood.