Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

When you finally get the chance to move out and get your own apartment, you’d want to have your way with it and set up your living space to let it give out a personalized feel. One of the first rooms you’ll have to set up is your bathroom since it’ll be one of the most used rooms you’ll have in your new home.

Setting up your bathroom is meant to make it both a pleasant and functional area suited both for you and guests. Having luxurious towels and soap may be the goal, but you won’t need them immediately, especially on your first night. You can set up your bathroom as the time goes by and you won’t have to go overboard when spending on it.

Luxury can wait, but there are various items that you’ll need on your first night. You’ll need toilet paper, a shower curtain, and liner, at least two bath towels and washcloths, a small bottle of liquid hand soap, and hand towels.

If your apartment doesn’t come with a toilet paper holder, a trash can, a toothbrush holder, and bath mat, then you should complete your setup by getting them.

Finally, you’ll need some cleaning materials for your bathroom to keep the bathroom hospitable. You’ll likely need a plunger and toilet bowl brush stored behind the toilet, a multi-surface cleaner, and an air freshener. Having an air freshener is vital since it keeps a room from getting a foul odor after continuous use.

Once the essentials are set up, you can finally add some special touches that would improve your bathroom’s look. You can purchase high-end soaps and lotions as a treat both for you and your guests. Setting up a towel warmer, a teak bench, or even a small potted plant can significantly improve your bathroom’s appearance.

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