Experience Peace And Tranquility With Moon Lamps With Lunar Effects

Home is the place where the heart lies. It is also that place which brings solace to the weary soul and rest to tired soles. It is that place which helps ignite romance and passion while at the same time it provides the much needed tranquillity and peace when one is suffering or recovering from a sickness. 

But even the most beautiful homes that are brimming with love need to be aided in cultivating a peaceful and restful environment. While there are several means like using scented candles, soft lighting, nothing works as perfectly as the soft radiance of the moon lamps. Its soothing appearance and glow makes it look and function almost similar to the moon. The idea is to recreate the effect of the peaceful outdoors bathed in soft moonlight at night inside the house. And in order to achieve this, Lunar Effects from Australia uses 3D printing to give the moon lamp it makes, the exact appearance of the moon. Thus it is now possible to see the moon with the craters, the ridges, the spots etc., at close range inside the house. It can be said that with the moon lamp it is now possible to have the best of both; a moon outside and a moon inside.

Choosing the right moon lamp

While the concept of moon lamp is by itself quite incredible, choosing the correct moon lamp to light up the house is also quite important. Some points which one should keep in mind are:

  • Battery: Moon lamps generally come with built-in batteries which help light it up. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the battery used is certified as well as rechargeable. This will ensure that once charged, the moon lamp will keep burning for quite a few hours. 
  • Fragile: The moon lamp available in the markets is usually made from either PLA or plastic and hence it is extremely fragile. It needs to be packed very carefully when shipped. In fact even when handling the moon lamp at home, one should be extremely careful so that parts of it do not break off with rough handling. But those that are made by Lunar Effects, an Australian owned company, are made from PVC which is much more rigid, as well as being non toxic and eco-friendly. They absolutely ensure that the packing is well-done so that the product remains intact when delivered. In fact if the delivery is within Australia, this moon lamp manufacturer also does not charge a penny for delivery.
  • Texture: Moon lamps need to have the clearest textures there can be in order to simulate the effect of the moon. Thus the lamps need to be purchased only after careful inspection to ensure that one is able to get one which is the closes to the real pictures available of the moon. With Lunar Effects replicating the NASA moon imagery to its every minute details, their lamps create an almost realistic moon effect wherever they are placed.
  • Charging port: This needs to be made of sturdy material so that it does not break off while charging. The presence of the USB cord also needs to be ensured since it is used to charge the battery. The charging port is also used to control the intensity of the light being emitted from the moon lamp and to switch it on and off. In fact there are several moon lamps available which also change colours from cool white to warm white when the charging port is given a specific number of taps. Thus this features needs to be minutely checked since all advantages of the moon lamp is linked to its proper functioning.
  • Make: It is very important to ensure that the moon lamp is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. This prevents the people living inside the house from coming to any harm and they can enjoy the restful ambiance of the moon lamp for many hours.
  • Colour: Some moon lamp manufacturing companies like Lunar Effects are also able to make moon lamps which depict the different colours of the moon at its different phases. Thus there are moon lamps available in the evergreen and eternally graceful warm white, the charming and warm yellow and the pure innocence of the blue tinted cool white.  With three colours to choose from, the customer is sometimes spoilt for choice. 
  • Size: These lamps are generally available in different sizes and the choice of the size actually depends upon:
    • The size of the room it needs to light and
    • The space where it is to be placed.

In keeping with the different needs and wants of customers, these generally come in 4 distinct sizes. Since the Lunar Effects manufactured moon lamp is primarily based on the Gailian moons of the planet Jupiter, they effectively come in sizes of:

  • 8cm and is known as Europa,
  • 12cm or Lo,
  • 15cm or Callisto and
  • 20cm of Ganymede.

Customised Moon Lamps

While most people prefer the amazingly spectacular glow of the simulated moon, there are some who like to get it customised to impart uniqueness to it. In such cases it is possible to incorporate the picture or text that one wants to see within the moon lamp. This customisation can be done because of the advancements of 3D technology that have taken place over the years. Hence a customer who wants to customise the moon lamp first needs to select the size and then email across the picture or the text that he wants to get printed onto the moon lamp. 

Every Lunar Effects moon lamp comes with a wooden stand which is engraved with the brand logo along with the name of the moon. With unmatched quality, no one who places an order for the moon lamp is ever disappointed with the product. But in order to keep the options open for their customer, the moon lamp manufacturing company also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee along with a 1 year guarantee on the same. 

There are so many different things that can be done with these moon lamps. They can be hung or strung and used in multitude other ways to enhance the decor of the room. The use of the moon lamp thus definitely adds a special aura to the room. This radiance is inviting, it is soothing and it is like magic recreated at home.