Best POE Security Camera System

PoE is an acronym for “Power over Ethernet” and is self-explanatory that the PoE platform allows devices to operate without a dedicated power connection. PoE platform uses data cables or powered Ethernet LAN Cables to provide power to devices like security cameras, wireless access points, or VoIP phones.

So the biggest benefit of having a PoE IP security camera is that you don’t have to search for electric connection thereby eliminating tangled cords. Thus, its setup process is much easier and the cameras can go anywhere around your property easily with the network. To know the perks you get by using PoE cameras you have to understand how it works. So in this read, I’m going to reveal its working and the things you require for its installation.

Working of a PoE Camera

PoE cameras are also referred to as plug and play cameras that work just on a PoE Injected network cable. You just have to get a Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable to operate a PoE camera, unlike traditional security cameras that need messy cable management and expensive installation fees.


 The easiest configuration of the PoE camera is with a PoE NVR which is an acronym for PoE Network Video Recorder. So you can connect your PoE cameras directly to a PoE NVR and your all set. But if you don’t have a PoE Compatible network recorder, you can simply use a PoE Injector because after all your PoE cameras require power.

The PoE NVR Hub allows you to connect a bunch of security cameras and this PoE NVR is then directly connected with the Router via Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cables. Cat 5 or Cat 6 is different sets of Ethernet cables that support different internet speed, bandwidth, and transmitting distance. Although Cat 5 Ethernet cable is sufficient to power most PoE cameras, of course, Cat 6 is much more advanced in terms of stability and speed.

What if you don’t have a PoE NVR?

Well, if you have a non-PoE NVR and instead you have a simple internet router then you either need an extra power adapter or you can use a PoE Switch or Injector. It is recommended to use a PoE Switch if you have a bunch of cameras because a PoE Injector only has one part and support for only one PoE Security Camera.

The PoE cameras send images digitally using transmission and security features of the TCP/IP Protocol, unlike previous generation cameras that transmit analog video. Thus the video quality is matchless. Smart advanced PoE Cameras allow secure data transmission which is encrypted and requires end-user authentication using WPA or WPA2 methods. It let users view live video from any device with its remote accessibility options.

There are different types of indoor and outdoor PoE Cameras to monitor your property and areas in and around your home. They are waterproof and allows easy maundering including pan, tilt, and zoom abilities. You can either control it manually or it can be programmed to sweep or track motion on their own.  Check more details about the Best POE Security Camera System.