6 Design Ideas for a Perth Beachside Sun Room

A beachside sunroom allows you to drink in the scenic outdoors regardless of the weather. If you want ideas for your beachside sunroom renovation or you are designing from scratch, we have collected six of our favourite beachside sunroom designs to inspire you.

The Classic Blue and White Themed-sunroom

A blue and white themed sunroom is always stylish. And, the best part, the design is pretty easy to create. Adding a beach-style blue-white striped throw to your couch might be all you need to give your room the beachside vibe.

Or perhaps, you could break up the monochromatic white-washed wall with contemporary yet straightforward décor in blue tones.

Deck out your chic coastal living room with an affordable rug, offset with wood-accented wicker armchairs, indigo toned throws and white backdrop.

Go beyond blue and white hues

While blue and white are the classic look for beachside sunrooms, consider going for and playing with other colours such as different shades of orange or maybe red or even coral to give your sun-kissed room a truly vibrant exclusive look.

A delicate splash of yellow or marigold or daisy are perfect for the sunny spring, and you would be surprised at just how natural they feel.

Décor with casual coastal magic

There is no shortage of design options and pieces to recreate the coastal feel in your beachside home. Turn your dining table into a little coastal tablescape using elements from the outdoors.

Beach-styled napkin rings, nautical napkins, sea glass-inspired hand-blown glasses, table cloth with nautical motifs are just some suggestions.

Alternatively, you could go all out to create the idyllic sunroom by strategically adding the right amount of coastal. Throw pillows with beach-inspired motifs, nicely placed collection of conch shells on shelves and windowsill, combine this with furniture made of natural materials like rattan or wicker to complete the look.

Refurbish vintage pieces

While most people would not think twice to tear down run-down wood-accented pieces, consider salvaging and refurbishing them.

Of course, trying to bring scratched, dented and perhaps, termite-infested boards to live is going to take a lot – it’s hard work. But what is an Aussie beachside sunroom without a floorboard?

Start by inspecting the retro pieces and take note of those you need to reglaze for a polished floorboard finish. Swap out the termite infested boards, then check out your local timber supplies for floors that are easy to clean.

 Natural wood tones combined with thoughtfully placed modern pieces sure gives off a distinct Aussie beach-house vibe.

Introduce hardy plants

Bringing the outdoors inside your sunroom is one way to spice things up. If you have a beachside garden, then think of stocking up with sturdy plants such as native beachside pandanus tree. Agaves and yuccas are better suited for the coastal elements.

Be sure though to light up the garden – use soft hanging lights to accentuate trees, and floor lights to mark out footpaths. Well-lit beach garden creates an inviting outdoor get-away perfect for a night of stargazing.

Use driftwood for wall art

A flexible feature of having a beachside sunroom is that you can turn it into a galleria of some sort. Collect and recycle objects such as bamboo and driftwood by turning them into wall arts. Cut them into different sizes and shapes and hang them freeform either over a dining table or stick them on the wall.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your beachside sun room.