Choosing the dream blinds to suit your interior design

The gorgeous summer sunshine is visiting Melbourne again. This meant the red skin is coming back, also my sleepless nights because of the heat and early sunlight.

Coming just in time are the experts from Thanks to them, I am able to write on how to choose the best blinds for your unique home design.

What factors should you consider?

For me, blinds must do what it was named, to keep the sunlight out. But different people interpret it differently which allowed various alterations of blinds.

The room that the blinds are installing in highly influences the blinds that you should choose. For bedrooms especially, block out blinds are more recommended to keep the room dark. As mentioned, the sun rises very early in Melbourne summer. If you are people like me that is easily woken with bright light, thicker blinds are more recommended.

However, for other spaces such as the living room, total darkness might not be the best option. Still, a blind can help to isolate eye-blinding sunlight for easier indoor living.

Less light tolerant blinds are more suitable for such cases. The lower intensity natural light brings more roominess to the interior while also blocking out radiation heat.

In cases that you travel across the world a lot, blackout blinds for the entire house might be a better option to fight against jetlag.

The other crucial aspect is the design of your interior. Despite the functionality of blinds, they complement different designs differently. The latter part of this article will explain everything about the blinds on the market currently.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a popular, if not the most, option among blinds. As the name suggests, this form of blinds roll down from a cylinder to cover the window.

Roller blinds are known for its simplicity in appearance and operation. One way down and one way up, roller blinds are easily operated with minimal force needed.

Covering the window as a single piece of cloth, roller blinds have excellent light block-out ability. They are also very easy to clean as well.

With quality fabric in application, roller blinds can be highly durable over time. And its simplicity allows it to fit in almost all interiors, modernistic or not.

Many newly built apartments are pre-installed with roller blinds because of its flexibility to fit a wide range of interior.

And there are also variations to roller blinds for applications in different rooms as well.

Blockout Blinds

As the name suggests, these blinds block out any light entering the room through the windows.

These blinds are exceptional for bedrooms or entertainment rooms to isolate outside light from the interior for a completely dark room.

Despite lights can still enter the room between the seams of two blinds, they are still exceptionally functional.

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are designed to limit the light entering the interior but keeping the window transparent for the gorgeous external view.

These blinds are similar to fly screens in most cases, in spite of the lack of rigidity.

If you have a great external view from your house, using sunscreen blinds are great options to lower external light, including UV, from entering the house.

Translucent Blinds

If you are looking for roller blinds that allow natural light but provide a touch more privacy, translucent blinds might be the best choice for you.

These blinds are not transparent as the sunscreen blinds to prevent strangers staring into the house while still allowing natural light to enter.

These blinds are great for living rooms that face public roads or bathrooms with windows.

Double Roller Blinds

This option is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. Featuring both the block out options and any one of the less intensive roller blinds, this dual blind allows choosing of the intensity of light entering the house.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds add a touch of design to the roll-up blinds with folds embedded in the blind.The additional folds bring a much more exquisite touch to the interior.

Unlike roller blinds, roman blinds do not offer sunscreen options. But these blinds have excellent light isolation and the associated insulation.

For rooms that entertain guests, roman blinds help with making a feature in an interior. As a simple interior hack, roman blinds can bring exceptional feedback.


Venetians are very common in more classical designs. These blinds, when lowered, can be finely adjusted to decide the amount of light to enter the house.

This form of blind is tried and trusted by many designers and builders. While some complaint about light leak from the holes of venetians, newer alterations can be made fully sealed to maximize the efficiency in blocking light.

Basswood, PVC and aluminum are common materials used for venetians. Depending on your use and budget, the three materials suit different types of you.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are basically venetians turned 90 degrees. Vertical blinds are exceptionally well for large windows or taller rooms to extend the visual impressiveness of the room.

These blinds are more flexible in blocking out the sun as the day goes by. Some companies also offer blockout options for the best light isolation.

Cellular Shade

This variation of blind is also called honeycomb with its unique structure. And its structure has allowed it to offer exceptional insulation.

The philosophy of the blinds in insulating against external temperature is the air between the two sides of the blind. This works basically as a gown jacket.

If maintaining the internal temperature of the room is crucial to you, cellular shade is a great option for you.