What Not To Do While Painting Your Living Room

Everyone wants to paint their living room in their house, but there is one problem that may ruin your whole painting project. If you face any difficulty, don’t worry because you are reading a post about what not to do while painting your living room paint colour.

You may be surprised to read this article, but it is one of the most common problems every person’s faces while starting a new project. People may think that it will take a lot of time, money, and effort to paint your living room. But don’t worry if you can do this on a day-to-day basis.

What shouldn’t you do while painting your living room?

Let me tell you the five mistakes that people make daily.

No proper planning

Before painting your living room, you should do proper planning to avoid wasting your time. You need to check if the house is cleaned correctly or not. If you want to cover your floor with rugs or furniture too old, you need to remove them from the place first. You have to take necessary precautions to remove the stains and other dust which may interfere with your painting.

Too much mess

You will need to clean all the paint spots from your house before you start painting. If you are using spray paint, you need to use an air blower to remove the stain. If you are using a brush, it will take a lot of effort to clean the house in between painting. So, it would help if you maintain your home as clean as possible.

Painting with the wrong material

If you have used the wrong paint, your whole painting project may become unsuccessful. It would help if you bought the right paint according to your project. This would assist if you did not utilize any other colour. The paint is supposed to be dry for at least two hours before applying it to the wall. Don’t apply the paint before it is scorched.

Not allowing enough time for drying

As we all know, it takes a lot of time to dry paint, but if you are planning to apply the paint to the walls and ceiling, you should take enough time. But it would be best to not use the colour on the wall and ceiling too early because it may dry out and form cracks. You need to paint every corner of the room and allow each part of the wall to dry completely. The paint needs to be completely dry to protect it from damage or stains.

Paint over other objects

If your painting project requires painting your living room furniture, don’t try to paint it first. Because after painting, the paint may get over it, and if there is anything painted over the surface, the new artwork will get spoiled.


So, after reading this article, I am sure that you won’t make those mistakes again in your next project. So, let me conclude this post. I would say that these ten mistakes are prevalent mistakes that everyone makes while starting a new project.