Choosing the Right Roofing Material for a Commercial Property


It might seem fairly obvious but having the right roof on your commercial building is especially important. However, unless you have already built your commercial property, you might have absolutely no clue as to what makes a good roof. There are many choices when it comes to materials and styles and talking to the experts beforehand will ensure you end up with the best roof for your building. 

Roofing experts 1st Choice Commercial Roofs say that getting advice from professionals in your own state will ensure that your roof lasts longer. If you live in the Texas area, for example, you might be looking for commercial roofing contractors in Houston or Dallas as they would know which materials are most suited to the weather conditions in that particular state. The same would ring true if you were looking for roofing contractors in another state such as Florida or Washington. 

Why Choosing the Right Material is Important

Everybody knows that the roof of a building is an essential component to keeping it watertight. The right roof will protect the contents of the building from the elements and help make your building more energy efficient. Nonetheless, even a small hole can lead to a leak, which could prove to be disastrous. 

When the roof of your property is air- and watertight, heating and cooling bills will reduce, saving you money and increasing your profits. What business doesn’t want bigger profits, right? Choosing the right materials from the offset means that your business will ultimately benefit. 

What Type of Roof Should you Choose? 

When considering what type of roofing system will work best for your commercial property, the purpose of the building needs to be taken into consideration. For example, the roof for a warehouse does not need to be the same type of roof that would be installed on an office building. The point of this is to say that there is really no point in spending more than you need to on a roof, but what is important is that the system eventually choose is fit for purpose. 

When choosing your roofing system, it is best to get advice on what type of roof is best for your particular building and the average cost of such systems. Then you can set your budget and work within that. 

In terms of roofing systems for commercial properties, single ply tends to be one of the more popular choices. This type of system is both affordable and durable, and when properly cared for and maintained can be expected to last up to thirty years or more. 

Single ply roofing systems are available in a variety of colors and are ideal for warehouse, factory, and office buildings, especially where traffic on the roof is kept to a minimum. 

An asphalt roofing system is also a good choice and also one that can last for a long time. In fact, if you want a roof that will last for up to fifty years, then an asphalt-based roof is the ideal choice. They are slightly more expensive than single ply roofing systems, but when considering they last for almost double the amount of time with proper care and maintenance, it really is a no brainer. 

That being said, your commercial property should be assessed by a reputable commercial roofing company. The experts can evaluate what type of roofing system will work best for your building. And now that you know a bit more about the main types that are available, you will have a better understanding of your building’s requirements when talking to your contractor of choice.