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Create a Kid-Friendly Backyard that Even Adults Can Enjoy

Are you a parent who wants their kids to spend time outdoors instead of in front of a computer or tablet? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider rearranging your backyard to make it kid-friendly. There is no better thing for your kid’s intelligence than letting them play freely. And why just kid-friendly if you can enjoy yourself too? Let’s see how you can achieve this easily and effectively.

Make a small playground

Play structures are very interesting for kids and they will be thrilled to have them in their backyard. While they can play, you can have a cup of tea and relax or even join them from time to time. Who says playing at the playground is for children only? Playing structures can be simple and cheap. They should include activities such as climbing, swaying, jumping, etc. Just make sure everything is safe.

Provide a suitable ground cover

Backyards usually include grass or concrete surfaces. While both are common, they are not suitable for a small playground. Grass and soil can leave dirt on kids’ clothes and concrete can be very nasty when it comes to falling, an inevitable thing in children’s play. Rubber tiles can be a solution to this problem since the material is not expensive or difficult to maintain, and it’s very practical.

Leave some space for a chalkboard

If you have an old garden wall, maybe you could live it up a little bit by converting it into a creative space for your kids. That way they can express their creativity by drawing and writing whatever they like. This is an excellent way to develop their creative brain and their verbal intelligence as well. Besides, they should draw there than in the living room, right?

Install a pergola to make some shade

A small pergola or anything similar can be an excellent feature, making the necessary shade for you and your kids to enjoy when the sun is too strong. You can place a small table where there can be some refreshments like juices or sandwiches to slow down and relax from playing. You can build a pergola if you’re crafty.  It can be a small tent as well if you want something even more simple.  Kids love that stuff, and they will feel like they are explorers on some expedition. With a little bit of imagination, you all can enjoy it.

Make a nice garden

The Garden is one of those backyards features everyone enjoys, so this would be beneficial for both you and your children. You can indulge your kids in taking care of the plants and boost their sense of responsibility. Doing this together can enhance the sense of togetherness. Make sure you have all the right tools, so everybody can do their part of the job, such as a retractable hose reel.

Install a splash pad

What is better than a splash pad during the hot summer days? It’s a cheap way to have your kids entertained, while they can refresh during the heat. Just make sure they always wear SPF. They can be set up easily and are also disposable, so they won’t have to be there when you don’t need them. Even you will be thankful for some refreshment during summer, so it’s a win-win investment.

Make a climbing wall

This idea is not only fun but also will enhance the development of your kid’s motricity and endurance. If you don’t have a lot of space, a climbing wall is a particularly good option. Make sure there is an inflatable mattress around, just in case someone falls.

Make a balance beam for your kids

If you have some old piece of wood tossed somewhere in your garage, you can use it and make a balance beam. Practicing balance is highly beneficial for your kids and it’s very easy to install it in your backyard. Just make sure it’s stable to prevent any falls and injuries.

There you have several good tips to make your backyard kid-friendly. Some of them are beneficial for you too, so pay special attention to those. If you don’t have a big budget, we gave you a couple of examples that didn’t require a lot of money to be installed. Enjoy your outdoor time with your kids!