Curtains and Blinds or Drape and Shutters?

Window treatment is a necessity to complete the design of space as well as to protect users from sunlight and heat. The way users perceive window treatments can differ from one person to another, due to the different requirements that they need. Some may prefer privacy, others want aesthetically pleasing blinds or sunlight blocking functionality together with the ability to keep natural heat or coldness at bay.

Curtains and blinds Singapore companies’ expertise are needed to help home or business owners to source, design and install these window treatment. Besides curtains and blinds, there are other options similar to curtains and the effect they provide. Drapes and shutters are closely associated with curtains and blinds but have different characteristics that suit a more specific target audience. 

Drape over Curtains?

Drapes are exceptional when it comes to covering windows. For large windows that span from the ceiling to the ground, drapes are made to suit the need of covering the entire window. Drapes are unique in the way that they are designed with thicker and opaque materials to block out light. Due to the thickness in drapes, it results in two types of resistances.

The first resistance being temperature insulation which applies to both heat and coldness. This makes drapes an excellent choice for countries experiencing extreme weather conditions.

The second resistance is targeted at soundproofing. As drapes are created from thicker fabrics, it generates a barrier with a dampening effect towards loud or disruptive noise interferences. This is especially useful for users who reside in areas of loud or constant noises such as nearby train tracks, vehicle highways, and industrial sites.

Shutter Blinds

Blinds, on the other hand, can be associated with shutters or also known as shutter blinds. Shutters are light weighted which means that the installation process is simple and convenient. It is also very durable, lasting over a decade as compared to traditional fabric curtains or blinds. Shutter can be made up of other materials but mainly wood. The reason why wood is the main material is due to its heat resistance properties as it is a natural insulator. This material will protect users against harsh natural lighting and heat.

The blades or slats of wood are known as louvres, can be adjusted to different angles to control the amount of light to enter the premise. This allows the user to enjoy privacy without compromise the view outside. There are many shutters to choose from including bi-fold panels, roller shutters, sliding shutters and many more. Although each of these shutters has specific uses, the end goal is the same.

Shutters also have a unique feature of security that stands out from all window treatment options. They serve as a security measure because users can install and attach locks to the shutter system.