Décor and Design Ideas to Revamp your Basement

An empty basement can be a damp, dark space that you really don’t want to spend any of your time in, or it could be a family haven that you find yourself not wanting to leave! The difference between those two is a little revamp. Some paint and furniture here and there and you’re going to have an entirely different – and conveniently functional – room on your hands. First things first, you need to decide what you’re going to be using your new space for…

Consider your lifestyle

Any interior design decision should be based on your lifestyle. By governing your choices based on your family and your daily routine, you’re making an informed investment that’s going to benefit your entire household for a long time to come. Think about whether your family needs a whole dedicated laundry room, entertainment space or storage area. Maybe you’re in need of a guest room or a spare kitchen for special events? Consider what you could use to suit your lifestyle.

Talk to your family

Your family are your best resource for determining what to do with your basement. Have a family meeting to narrow down the room’s function in order to make the right decision for everyone.

Once you’ve decided just what to do with your basement, you can start your remodelling process! Follow these design tips and tricks to create the perfect basement for you…

Leave the ceiling exposed

Leaving the ceiling exposed in your basement cuts costs majorly and actually brings a tremendous amount of style to the space. You’re immediately going to be getting an edgy, industrial look without spending any money at all! Not to worry, any exposed wiring can be neatened up to make it look a little more refined if needs be.

Focus on flooring

The floor is where you should be investing your money if you really want to make your basement feel comfortable and homely. Look at using tiling, lino, wooden beams or even just layering rugs over exposed concrete to change the entire look and feel of the space.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Colour is your friend, even if your basement happens to be a confined space. Consider painting your ceiling in a soft pastel tone, splashing a neutral shade on the walls or even coating your woodwork and any window frames in a contrasting dark colour. Painting the woodwork a deep navy, black or brown looks amazing against a bright white wall and it’s going to earn you big style points.

Celebrate light wherever you can

By nature, basements are significantly lacking on the light front, so wherever you’re lucky enough to have light, you must celebrate and highlight it as much as you possibly can. This means painting the window frame, choosing a lightweight Roman-style blind or even opting for some flowing, airy cotton curtains for a romantic touch.

Choose storage savvy furniture

Your basement is the perfect opportunity for inserting some storage solutions into your home. If you plan on having a TV down there, why not turn an entire wall into a feature entertainment unit equipped with shelves, drawers and compartments? This will look impressive and stash everything you couldn’t fit in your living space! Look for other multifunctional furniture such as chests, bed drawers and blanket boxes to make your basement as handy and clutter-free as possible.

Ready to revamp your basement and convert it into a room that will feel just as comfortable as the rest of your home? Head to your local furniture store in Campbelltown to get transforming!