Tips for an Epic Kitchen Design

Creating a better, more functional kitchen means being proactive about its design and implementation, and these tips are here to help you. Kitchens Bangor can help you to design your dream kitchen, and to make sure that you get everything you want from it in return.

Walkways Should be Wide

Paths that go through your kitchen should be at least 35 inches in width. The area that is used for cooking should have a width of 42 inches minimum if the kitchen is being used by a single cook, and 48 inches if two cooks are frequently in there together. During your kitchen planning process, adjust any potential island or kitchen peninsulas to meet these desired measurements.

Avoid Wasting Steps

This is the time to imagine how you utilise each of the items in your kitchen and where. Use some logic; breakfast bowls and foods should be stored near to where the family eats breakfast. Plastic containers should be kept near to your food preparation area so you can easily wrap up leftovers. Storing your flatware and dishes near the sink or dishwasher makes it much easier to unload the clean dishes.

Position the Microwave at a Good Height

Where the microwave is positioned is going to rely heavily on the height of the primary cook, as well as whether or not it needs to be child-friendly. For adult-only households, placing the microwave about 15 inches above the countertop is ideal; if kids need to be able to access the microwave then it might be more suited to a below-counter setup for the device.

Know how you Plan on Using Kitchen Island

For kitchen islands, form should follow function. If the island is going to be used as a main food preparation area or for cooking and eating; you need to ensure that there is ample room to keep the cooktop area separated from the area where the diners are going to eat.

Think About Countertops

The more elaborate and creative the chef, the more countertop space you will need to allow for; whereas those who use the kitchen infrequently or for simple meals will require much less space. If you are a family with children, having countertops at different heights can be a wonderful way to give them involved with helping out in the kitchen.

Consider Appliances

Having a second fridge, microwave or freezer located on the outer edge of the kitchen or in a utility room can help to make sure that the kitchen is kept relatively free from people just looking to grab a quick snack – this keeps people out from under the feet of the primary cook. The addition of a snack bar with accompanying stools can help to make your kitchen a preferred hang out area for kids enjoying an after-school snack.

Avoid Corners

Functionality is key with modern kitchens Colwyn Bay, you will need to ensure that your cabinets and the doors of your appliances are working in perfect harmony with each other – making sure that they don’t hit each other when you open them. Appliances should be located away from the corners of the rooms, this will mean that their doors can swing open freely when they are in use.

Keep Traffic Moving

If you need a child-friendly kitchen, the cooktop should be located away from the main traffic throughway. This will help to minimise the risk of children getting caught up in hot handles or scalding liquid spills. In addition, you should make sure that the place you store snacks or the fridge is in an easily accessible space so people who just want a packet of raisins aren’t getting unnecessarily clogged up and under foot.