Experience the convenience of retrofitting with a reliable partner

Over the past few years, a remarkably large population of earthquake-prone cities like Los Angeles have started realizing the importance of soft story retrofit for the safety of lives and property. According to the ordinances, 183893 and 184081 it is mandatory to meet the new safety standards otherwise the property owner might face serious legal consequences. Buildings which are built over a ground level with large openings such as parking, garage, storefront,  expansive lobbies, etc. usually have their first story much less rigid than the stories above consequently cannot withstand the strong seismic force which results in collapse of the top floors over the first one. Hence it is crucial to ensure that your building is built in accordance to the city laws.

 Get the best help

The widespread demand for retrofitting the soft story building has encouraged many retrofit companies to offer commendable services consistently. But as the cost, method and efficiency of each company widely vary from other so choose the best one that can provide you an efficient and cost-effective solution. First and foremost ensure that the company is licensed, insured and bonded and then consider few factors for smooth and satisfying retrofitting experience

  • Experience and expertise of the company
  • Qualification and professionalism of the staffs such as engineer, architect or construction workers
  • Competitiveness of the cost
  • Check the gallery, portfolio, blog and testimonials in the website
  • Visit the physical location and ask for previous clients’ details and reviews

Worth investment

Although retrofitting is an expensive undertaking but it can incredibly enhance the safety of people residing in it. For residential as well as commercial place it is highly recommended to act promptly if you have received any legal notice as there is certain timeframe for completing the retrofit construction. Retrofitting involves lots of planning and processes such as creating a site plan of building; bring the plans to the City Plan Checkers, preparing quotes, the cost of construction, construction planning and finally construction work. Deciding what could be best solution as per the unique characteristic of each building is no cakewalk hence choose the best retrofit company and have peace of mind.