Factors to Consider When Planning to Replace Your Bathtub

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Adding or replacing an old bathtub is an effective way of sprucing up your bathroom space. With the myriad of choices when it comes to a bathtub for your new or remodeled bathroom, it’s easy to get confused. Apart from the price, the material, and the bathtub surround, there are several factors you should consider before deciding on a certain tub.

1.  The size of the bathtub

Before choosing a particular bathtub, you will need to consider the size that can comfortably fit in your bathroom space. Take accurate measurements of your bathroom as well as the doorways. You will also need to consider where the drain in your bathroom is to ensure your preferred bathtub design complements it. Although a large bathtub may be more appealing, keep in mind that installing one will mean higher utility bills. Standard tubs are normally 60” long x 30” wide x 14” deep.

2.   Who will be using it

Establishing the tub’s primary users will help you decide on whether you should choose a standard, large, luxury unit. For instance, if the primary users are small children, a corner tub is much safer and convenient compared to a luxury tub. Likewise, an older adult might have a hard time getting into or out of deep soaker tubs.

3.   The type

There are quite many bathtub types that are sure to fit any bathroom architectural design and style. Some of these include:

  •  Freestanding tubs – these are stand-alone tubs. As they do not require to be connected to the bathroom wall, they can fit any space. Freestanding tubs form a great centerpiece compared to regular drop-in types. They are also quite easy to clean.
  • Clawfoot tubs – these are conventional stand-alone bathtubs that are propped by four “claws”. In contemporary clawfoot tubs, the props replaced by a modern base and a more uniform look.
  • Other types include; corner, walk-in, oval, and under-mount tubs.

4.  Your lifestyle

Do you plan to use the bathtub as a means of de-stressing? You may want to install a bathtub that has therapeutic options such as effervescent jets, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and Chroma therapy. A whirlpool bathtub perfectly fits this description. The water jets, as well as the bubbles that are as a result of the whirlpool action, are perfect for the body massage feeling.

These are only some of the factors you should consider when choosing your new bathtub. Whether you are for a standard or a luxury tub, performing in-depth research is imperative. Remember to measure out your space and consider the users. Also, you might have to replace or update the bathtub surround so that your new tub does not look out of place.