Find the Best Epoxy Coating Contractors near Me

Epoxy flooring contractors provide the best flooring solutions for sanitation levels, safety, and low maintenance costs. The residents of San Francisco and the surrounding areas use epoxy flooring contractors to protect their concrete floors. A lot of industries use high-performance epoxy flooring for their floors so it lasts a long time and is easy to clean. Epoxy flooring is ideal for warehouses, garages, retail offices, restrooms commercial kitchens and others.

The services offered by epoxy flooring contractors include:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Hangers
  • Decorative quartz flooring
  • Wineries
  • Concrete patching
  • Residential epoxy flooring
  • Industrial epoxy flooring
  • Concrete repair

The advantages of Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring has a lot of advantages

  • Outstanding lifecycle and easy to clean
  • It is strong to withstand punctures, abrasions, impacts, stains, scratches, and chemicals
  • The coating is seamless free of cracks, grout lines, grooves so no bacteria or pathogens can develop
  • It has floor to wall cove base which is antimicrobial and bacteriostatic
  • There are different colors, blends, and patterns that you can choose to suit your space
  • It has a slip-resistant finish that can be used for different areas of a facility

With epoxy coating, the floor will last a long time and will be protected against impact damage, and abrasive chemicals. The floor can also be made an extension of your brand, logos, color, and texture. The epoxy coating will help the floor to look great with maximum performance.

Epoxy flooring contractors

There are a lot of epoxy flooring contractors who do a wonderful job. Epoxy systems come with a lifetime warranty for adhesion and a promise of no peel. The variations in color are limitless. Epoxy coating contractors near me offer the highest quality concrete coating. They have managed to get the best coatings after a lot of field testing for many years. The coating that they provide is good and durable. When they put an epoxy coating they guarantee that it will not delaminate because of superior materials and experienced employees.

The laying of epoxy flooring

Before laying the epoxy coating the concrete floor is prepared with a diamond grind which cleans it and prepares it for the application. To prevent dust when they use the diamond grind they use a powerful industrial vacuum with HEPA filtration. Then wicking epoxy is used to cover the holes and any irregularities in the concrete. After it dries it attaches to the concrete.

Then a color coat is used which was selected earlier. Finally, a clear topcoat is used to cover everything and seal it so it is protected from scratching and fading.


Epoxy flooring contractors will give you the best aesthetic flooring which will last a long time.