Finer Choices For Safe Use of Fireworks

The end of year celebrations is a period of fire for the sale of fireworks. Read the advice of our licensed specialists to choose your fireworks and get a successful result.To succeed in your fireworks without risk of burning yourself, it is better to take some precautions. The result will only be perfect if no one is hurt. For the proper options of the fireworks you need to have the best deals now and you need to have the smartest choices for the same now. Be sure that you will be having the smartest choices there.

The batteries of fireworks

  • It is an assembly of fireworks assembled in a single box, easier to use. Just lay it on the floor, open it, light it and enjoy the show.
  • The batteries are a classic that we recommend very often. These fireworks have greatly diversified and offer for the most part a varied and quality show.
  • To avoid always having the same effect repeated, find out about the number and styles of moves proposed on the product you want to buy.

Compact batteries

The compacts are a bit like fireworks batteries, but in scale models.The compacts allow you to last your show a little longer, without increasing your budget too much. The shots are a little less varied than with batteries, but are available with a wide range of effects.For your safety, we advise you to use a stand to stabilize your fireworks compacts. For the fireworks in Florida you need to be sure now and this makes the whole process perfect.


During your fireworks show, the candles make it possible to achieve the effects of successive fireballs.Candles make it possible to rhythm your show with different models and colors available.

The fireworks fountains

Fountains are an artifice of proximity allowing you to obtain a beautiful effect in a smaller space. It is a kind of incandescent sheaf that creates more and more light.

The fireworks rockets

The rockets make it possible to obtain a punctual effect in the sky. A rocket is equal to a hit, or an effect.

Rockets are often noisier and more spectacular, with many shapes available. They can be great supplements to the batteries, to launch as a highlight of your show.We strongly recommend that you use a launching pad for your fireworks rockets to ensure a safe and secure shot.

The flying lanterns

Flying lanterns are an alternative to fireworks rockets. With a flame, the lantern flies in the sky very high, to provide a beautiful effect of color.There too, a lantern is equal to an effect. The advantage is that they are less dangerous and often biodegradable: they break up without leaving any traces.

The experts do not recommend lanterns because of the danger of fire (trees, buildings).

Bengal fires

Bengals generate an intense beam of light. Many colors are available.


Firecrackers do not make light, but a lot of noise. Many forms and powers exist. It’s a classic when you want to have fun.