Greater Limits for the Termite Treatments For You

What if predators came to invade your home? Termites may be attracted to wood in your home or garden. Against this there are different treatments to exterminate them. In case of the termite treatment this is the best option that you can go for now.

How do we know if termites are invading us?

You can dab your complaints or beams to check if they do not crumble. Outside, you can check your trees and tree stumps to see if parasites are contaminating your outdoors. If the termites are outside, it’s because they will not be long in coming into your house.

How to get rid of termites?

There are different treatments against termites. It must quickly be eradicated, because the termite is formidable! It is necessary to call on a professional, because unlike stinkbugs, cockroaches, mites, or larvae, it is not enough of a spray for termites to disappear.

There is a chemical treatment. For this you have to make holes every 20 to 30 cm all around the house. This treatment is mainly used for old houses, for rehabilitation. This treatment is put in place before finishing during the works.

Another solution is the trap system. It’s a 3-year contract to analyze, detect and eliminate. The traps are placed all around the house (a trap every 3 meters). They are placed in the ground or in cement to serve as bait. A check is made every 6 weeks to check if your house is infested. In case of the National Exterminating this is the best deal that you can opt for.

Are termites attracted to certain houses?

Termites are very attracted by moisture. A wooden house is more likely to be contaminated: pallets on the ground, stumps of wood, trees, and old houses with rotting wood. Termites can degrade wood and it will become dead wood.

Is there a preventive treatment?

An insecticide will not have any repellent effect on termites. There are preventive measures. You can have traps installed, and the controls will be done twice a year. It is also possible for a professional to come for a free termite diagnosis. Unlike mites, which are invisible, wood insects can make their presence known with mold, cracks or small holes. When we notice their presence on complaints, we must quickly treat before they attack the beams or the lumber

The termite treatment may also remain after contamination. Because even if the termites are eliminated, the termite nest is dug, so it can be re-inhabited by a new colony a few months later. Termites work like ants. They are very numerous and are therefore harmful. They arrive in colonies by an underground path and it is a real invasion. The woodwork can be degraded in the house. The proliferation of termites is very fast.

When you are on your terrace, there may be bees, a spider, mosquitoes, a hornet, wasps, and other insects. These insects only bite if attacked. Termites are true parasites.There are no termite treatment products, it is necessary to call on professionals to destroy these wood pests.