Here’s Why You Should Choose a Wooden Bed Frame

Your bed frame essentially makes up the better part of the bed, both functionally and visually. It is therefore essential to get one that will give you the service you need without needing frequent replacement of repair. There are many types of bed frames in the market, including the wooden and metallic structures bedstead for family bed. It is up to you to decide which one best suits your needs, but if you ask us, we will confidently point you towards the wooden frame. Here are a few reasons why:


You will never run out of choices when it comes to wooden bed frames. They are available in a wide range of designs, colour combinations, types, and styles. You can choose from the traditional wooden designs to the sophisticated types, contemporary finishes, and even the classy antique style. You can pick hardwood or softwood and have the finish done precisely how you want it.


A wooden bed is made with strength, and the construction is done with superior procedures to make sure that the guarantee to serve you for years stands. They are very robust and will often come with a long warranty to prove it.

Some manufacturers include the mortise and tenon joints which add incredible strength to the bed. They are placed strategically at the weakest points to make sure that it takes a lot to break or weaken them.


A wooden bed frame is particularly ideal for you if you need to move your bed around often. They are relatively light and can easily be picked up and moved from room to room. They are practical in design so that you can easily dismantle them and put them back together fast and easily to make transportation convenient. This is not the case for heavier types of frames, including divan and some kinds of metal.


You will notice that most wooden bed frames are designed with some widely placed slats at the base. This is not only for support but to create air space for aeration and circulation. Fresh air can quickly get in the bed through the area and freshen up the mattress, infant bedclothes and the room in general, effectively removing staleness and stuffiness. This is essential not just for comfort and convenience but also for good bedroom hygiene.


Wooden bed frames require low levels of maintenance compared to their various counterparts. They are usually coated in lacquer and an additional protective finish to make sure that the wood is protected. It is water-resistant and can not be scratched off easily. While choosing, make sure you go for the solid wood option as opposed to veneer, which is much less durable.


In conclusion, a wooden bed frame is easy to carry around, durable has low maintenance and comes in a large assortment for you to choose from.