How did I almost double the price of my home with paving?

For the last fifteen years, I have been living at my lovely house on the western side of Melbourne. Now my kids were grown-ups and moved to live with their partners. The four-bedroom house feels a bit… empty. As the development focus of the Victorian government shifted to the west, here comes a great time to downsize.

But, as you can imagine, an almost twenty years house that raised a family will not be looking any good, inside or outside. But the two of us would rather spend more money doing what we dreamt of the entire lifetime – travel around the world – than spending big money just to sell our house at a better value.

Then we ran onto an article about flipping houses. Compared to people who are trying to make big gains in a short time, we are not facing as much pressure to hugely prop up the price of our place. But fixing our home by ourselves is a great alternative. And it’s a great way for us to greet our home for one and a half decade a goodbye.

And we embarked on a two-month journey in painting walls, cleaning every corner and refinishing the floor. The time flew pass and came the time to list our house for auction. Some people came but more left. We did not get our house off the reserve price at the auction.

Approaching our departure to our first trip soon, we were looking to get the house sold ASAP. The agent gave us a suggestion to re-pave our driveway and the garden. To continue our DIY process, we looked for concrete paver Melbourne online.

After some reading time, installing pavers by ourselves was not as horrible as it sounds. The pre-made concrete pavers are ready to be installed out of the box and offer variations to suit almost all applications. And we chose the Euro range with varying textures to enhance the feeling of exquisiteness of our garden.

From the online community on how to choose pavers, we mixed and matched different colours and textures of pavers to create a pattern. And we were amazed of how it looked when we eventually finished laying everything. Compared to the old, greasy-looking concrete slab that we had earlier, our outdoor area looked stunning. No one will believe this is a twenty-year-old house.

So, we placed our house on auction again two weeks before we left Melbourne. I cannot be more amazed with the change of the buyers as the auction became very intense. After almost 20 bids, our home was sold double the reserved price. As we were on our way to Tullamarine, we were told the documents were already signed for the handover.

Honestly, I will not trust the effect that some paving can do without seeing it by myself. But the result was terrifyingly good. And now I am writing this article looking over the beach of Miami.

If you are looking to upgrade your home or renovate your house, I would definitely recommend re-paving with concrete pavers. You will feel the difference for sure.