How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Many homeowners rely on their garbage disposal to lessen the trash they have to take out in garbage bags and keep their kitchens clean from any waste. The device shreds whatever is thrown into it and takes them away through the drains. Due to this convenience, many people throw in various items that shouldn’t even go down the drain. The result is usually requiring emergency service from a trustworthy plumber for drain cleaning.

The drains tend to get clogged, and the garburator is burdened when people indiscriminately throw in fibrous foods, coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, and hard food and items to try and dispose of them. Such users might have been able to “dispose” of them in the past, but they’ll likely have to replace their garburators soon, and their drains may be clogged from those coffee grounds.

Clogs aside, the homeowner will suffer financially when they have to replace their garbage disposal unit every year instead of letting it run smoothly for a decade or so before getting a new one. A garburator that’s properly maintained and used correctly can potentially last up to 15 years. There’ll also be fewer instances of clogs happening when people are mindful of what they throw in the garburator.

People must only throw in soft foods, chopped foods, scraps of non-starchy fruit and vegetables, and liquids so they won’t burden the blades and the motor. The garburator’s blades can easily shred the foodstuffs mentioned before while liquids will pass through the blades.

Besides using the garbage disposal correctly, the user must also clean and maintain their device to keep the grime from keeping it from working in top condition. People can do so by turning off the motor, pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on the blades, letting it foam, and then rinsing it with hot water once it stops foaming. Doing so will ensure that the garburator will last.

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