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How do I stop cold air from coming through my windows

Drafty windows are notorious for accommodating cold in your home, causing bad health and a hike in your heat bills. If your home is constantly cold during winter, even with your closed windows, then you’re most likely dealing with a drafty window. How do you fix a drafty window? Simple, all you need is to use any of the tips below.

  • Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is good for windows that aren’t insulated enough to keep cold out. Depending on your preference, you could install secondary glazing inside or outside. A secondary window is an independent unit with its own frame. By doubling the window, you save more money on heat bills and stop cold from getting through. Also, it’s cheaper replacement windows

  • Snake Surprise

Thick snake surprise is placed at the bottom of your door and your windows. It blocks the spaces made by drafts in the windows. If you can’t buy fabric tubes, use something else that is thick. 

  • Seal Drafty Window With Caulk

Caulking is used to seal windows and repair the damaged parts. If you’re unsure of where it is broken or drafty, move a candle slowly around the window, if it flickers, then mark that part of the window. Before you start caulking, peel off the old caulk and wash it properly. After that, you can then apply the new caulking on the drafty window.

  • Insulating Curtains

Thick curtains can block cold from coming through the windows. This is a good option if there’s nothing wrong with your windows. So, before considering replacement windows, buy some good curtains. 

  • Windows Replacement

How do you fix a drafty window if damage is excessive or beyond repair? Windows replacement.

Windows replacement is a great option if you don’t want to spend money on old windows, or if the windows are seriously damaged or drafty. If this is your option, you would want to get modern replacement windows. These windows have double or more panes which are good for keeping the cold out. With the good insulation in these windows, your home is highly protected, and you wouldn’t need to worry about window replacements in a long while. 

There you have it, the answer to How do you fix a drafty window in 5 simple steps. Most of these tips can be executed yourself, however, for proper installation, you should hire the services of an experienced and competent windows and doors contractor. A good contractor knows the best type of functional for your specific window problems.