How to Choose a Best Mattress – The Ultimate Mattress-Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a high-quality mattress to reward yourself with a good night’s sleep, then you are in for a treat.

We at are committed to not just offering you the best mattresses available, but also to educate you about everything you need to know about mattresses.

However, before we get into the ultimate mattress-buying guide, the first thing that you need to decide on is where to buy your mattress.

Where to buy your mattress?


There are mainly 2 ways to buy a mattress. One is the traditional way, where you visit a store and shop your mattress there. The biggest advantage of this method is that you get to see the mattress and feel the quality first-hand. On the other hand, the biggest downside is the limited choices of mattresses that you can choose from.

The second method, and albeit the more popular and ideal method is to buy your mattress online. While you may not be able to check the quality and feel of the mattress in an online store, some reviews and ratings can verify its’ quality for you. Furthermore, even if you end up with the wrong mattress, online stores nowadays provide a complete refund or money-back guarantee with their mattress deals.

And most of all, online stores will have all the different types, designs and sizes of mattresses for you. With an online store, finding the perfect mattress for you will be just as easy as filling up a document.

But, wait. Before you jump on an online mattress store, you must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge about mattresses and how it will affect your sleep. 

I highly recommend for you to do a checklist of these important factors that I will be mentioning below.

By knowing the necessary information and details about mattresses along with your sleeping patterns and preferences, you will be able to narrow down the hundreds of mattresses and decide on the best mattress for you.

Types of Mattress

One of the most important and useful information that you will get in this mattress buying guide is the different types of mattresses. With this information, you will be able to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mattress which will ultimately aid you in your final decision.

Innerspring mattresses – innerspring mattresses are the traditional mattresses that have been around since the inception of mattresses. They are supported by a spring system that is connected to one other. Innerspring mattresses provide durable and firm support especially for those sleepers that belong to the “heavy” category. However, since they are supported by one spring system, movements in the mattress are largely felt by everyone in the mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses – pocket spring mattresses are upgrade versions of innerspring mattresses. This type of mattress is supported by multiple individual spring systems which will provide more comfort by contouring your body as you lie down. Furthermore, more advanced pocket spring mattresses come with motion isolation features that separate the movements from each side of the mattress, giving you more comfortable and firmer sleep even with a restless sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses – memory foam mattresses are made of layers of soft and firm foams to give you the softest mattress along with full-contour support for your bodies. As the name suggests, memory foam mattresses “memorize” your body’s shape as you lie down. However, some people complain about the heat when sleeping on memory foam mattresses and there are even claims of it emitting foul chemical odors.

Latex foam mattresses – Latex foam mattresses are similar to memory foam except that they are made from pure latex materials. They don’t contain synthetic materials and are purely made from rubber saps. Latex foam mattresses aren’t as soft as memory foams, however, they are more heat resistant and are free from chemical odors – which will be your best choice if you have issues with allergies.

Hybrid foam mattresses – hybrid foam mattresses are the solution to those who want a little bit of everything. Hybrid foam mattresses are made from a combination of spring systems and foams. They are firm but not as firm as the spring mattresses, soft but not as soft as the latex and memory foam mattresses.

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Firmness of Mattresses


If our main concern in buying your new mattress is the firmness of the mattress, then you should check out the firmness rating provided by the manufacturer of the mattress. Standard firmness ratings are now provided by manufacturers to give their customers their desired firmness. Check out the ratings below.

Extra-firm (9 – 10) – Ideal for heavy or overweight customers. This firmness level will offer close to zero body contour.

Firm (7- 8) – Minimal contour, very light sinkage. Ideal for couples or sleepers that deal with movements and restlessness during sleep.

Medium Firm (5 – 6) – Average body contour and sinkage. Popular and safer choice.

Medium Soft (4) – Body contour and sinkage will be noticeable. Ideal for people that deal with body pains.

Soft (2-3) – Deeper sinkage and body contour. Ideal for back sleepers that want full support and contour.

Extra soft (1) – The softest mattress out there. It will immediately sink and contour your body. 

Sleeping Position

 If you still can’t decide on what type of mattress you will be getting based on the information I provided above, then using your sleeping position will surely help you decide on the perfect mattress.

The most popular sleeping positions that most people practice are; Side sleeping, lying on their back, and sleeping on their stomachs. And based on these sleeping positions, some recommendations will help you get the most comfortable mattress.

If you like sleeping sideways

According to studies, sleeping sideways lessens the snoring of a person because pressure is added to the lungs, which in turn, speeds up the supplying of the oxygen.

However, the downside to sleeping sideways is the pressure being absorbed by the shoulders and the hips. Thus, if you prefer sleeping sideways, it is best to choose mattresses that are close to the Medium Soft level of firmness.

If you like sleeping on your Stomach

The most unideal but still popular sleeping position that most people practice is sleeping on their stomachs. According to accounts, people love to sleep on their stomachs because it makes them feel warm inside their bodies.

However, medically speaking, sleeping on your stomach is downright unhealthy. Pressure is added to your digestive system which can trigger vomiting, nausea or other worse gastroenteritis issues. 

While getting the softest mattress might relieve some of the pressure, lying on your stomach on a soft mattress will inwardly stretch your spinal cord which is also an unhealthy thing to do.

If it can’t be helped, we recommend you to get a Medium soft mattress to balance out the pressure. But please, do try to change your sleeping position. 

The best sleeping position – sleeping on your back

The most popular, ideal and healthy sleeping position is by lying on your back. Lying on your back is the best position as it can evenly distribute your weight and pressure on the mattress.

If you prefer this position, then you can generally choose any type of firmness depending on your preference.

Sizes of Mattress

After you decide on the type and firmness level of the mattress, the next thing to do is to decide on the size of the mattress.

There are mainly 6 sizes of mattresses that you can choose from. But, you could always go for a customized one at an added cost.

Twin size

Twin size is the small mattress that you can buy. It has a length of 75 inches and a width of 38 inches. 

This size is perfect for kids and young adults that want all the bed for themselves.

Twin XL size

Next in line is the Twin XL size mattress. And as the name suggests, it is bigger than the Twin size. 

While it has the same width at 38 inches, it is significantly longer at 80 inches. So if you are beyond 6 ft or is still growing in height, then this bed might be your best choice.

Full size

Full-size mattress or also known as Double size is the entry-level size for mattresses that are intended for at least 2 persons. 

It has a width of 54 inches which can give enough space for two persons, albeit regular-sized adults, and a length of 74 inches. So if you want to share the bed with your partner or insert young toddlers in your sleep, then this mattress size will be enough for you.

Queen size

Queen size mattress is the most popular choice among couples and families. It has a width of 60 inches, and a length of 80 inches. 

While it is slightly wider and longer than the full-size mattress, the small adjustments in measurements made the size the perfect choice for couples, especially for newlyweds for reasons that can’t be mentioned here.

King size

For couples that require wide sleeping spaces but don’t want to sleep in separate beds, then King size mattresses will be their solution. 

It has a width of about 76 inches, and a length of 80 inches, which is the same as the Queen size. 

The extra width is perfect for those with restless sleeping gestures, or the extra space needed for more adventurous bed actions or for the kids that want to join their parents during the night.

California King size

And finally, should you want the longest mattress out there, outside of customized size, then a gCalifornia size mattress will be your choice. It has a longer length at 84 inches but a narrower width at 72 inches, when compared to a King size. This size is recommended for couples that are at least 6 ft in height.

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Tips in Buying your Mattress in an Online store

Assuming you already decided on the technical aspects of the mattress, the next tips that I will be imparting to you is to how to lessen or even eliminate the inherent risks in buying through online stores.

Check for reviews

When it comes to selling and advertising, businesses will always try to get you to buy their item by telling you about all the good things about their products. Of course, who wouldn’t want to sell, right?

However, there are some cases when they try to oversell and exaggerate everything just to get you to buy their items. And in the end, you get swept up by their advertising and sales talk and end up with something that didn’t live up to their claims.

The best way to avoid these from happening to you is by reading reviews and feedbacks. Try to check for reviews and feedbacks about the mattress you are planning to buy and verify the legitimacy and credibility of the online store you are checking out.

Check Warranty

Another tip in smart online buying is by reading through their warranty program and making sure that your money will be protected. 

Most online stores offer a full refund or even cash on delivery schemes. This way, you will be guaranteed that should the mattress arrive on your doorstep and it isn’t up to what you imagined and agreed to, then you can always get your money back.  

Compare Prices

One of the greatest advantages of online shopping is that there is an unlimited number of stores that you can check out for your mattress shopping. And with how vast the online market is, the competition will also be tough.

Try to take advantage and shop for mattress prices or even package deals and promos. Compare them and decide on the best and most advantageous deal for you.

In conclusion, shopping for a mattress isn’t that hard as long as you know what you are looking for. Remember, it is very important not to get overwhelmed by the amazing deals that some online stores are offering.

Always be a smart buyer and use the information and tips that I have provided above. Trust me, as long as you exert the effort and spend time, there is no way that you will not find the perfect mattress for you and your loved ones at a great price on an online store.

In fact, you can go ahead and check and see our great mattress deals and products.