How To Commence Beautiful Vegetable Gardening At Home

If you are fed up of the pesticide and other chemical fused vegetables that don’t taste good as well as not healthy; then read on. The solution to this situation is to commence planting your own garden for vegetables. These will be organic, free from pesticides and other chemicals. Furthermore, you can plant and harvest whatever you prefer to eat. After all, the vegetables should taste like vegetable and not bland.

Most of the novice kitchen gardeners like Dr JimZ fertilizer to begin with it, as it adds quality to the soil and the yield is better. It is part of the preparation, which is indeed the key for ending up with an organic and beautiful garden full of vegetables. The planning for the vegetable garden is crucial for harvesting it daily; so the supply of fresh vegetables never stop.

Tips to follow for vegetable gardening

  • Plot Planning: This is essential as an ideal spot around the house must have good sunlight and yet it should be protected from wind. Another aspect that should not be neglected is the adequate drainage for the water to run off the plot and not cause flooding. Even if it is a small plot, proper planning and execution can result in more yield than what you expect.
  • Soil Quality: Soil happens to be the fundamental necessity for the vegetable garden. Underestimating the quality of the soil could be disastrous. The pH level of soil must be tested and then accordingly it must be prepared. The pH level should be an ideal 6.5, if it is below or above that then good fertilizer can balance it. pH level is responsible for letting the plants receive nutrients from the soil.
  • Plot Preparation: Digging, turning soil over, ensuring depths of 30cm be achieved with digging, while removing weeds and stones by hand is the first step to plot preparation. Do avoid weed killer usage as they tend to affect the soil pH level and structure. Now let the sun and air do the work, while leave the plot for 3 to 4 weeks. Also, get the irrigation pipes in place, if you need to save time later; opening up a tap will do the work.
  • Planting: The stage where actual gardening begins. Find the right seed and saplings that work best in your area, according to the location, weather, soil-type and time for growth; your personal preference should be certainly taken into consideration. Sow the suitable vegetables and be ready to take care.

In the end, do not forget to use adequate amount of organic fertilizers, water and weeding at regular intervals. This will give you the harvest that you are expecting. And don’t forget to experiment and try out a variety of exotic vegetables as per your convenience.