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How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and bugs can be annoying, embarrassing, and traumatic. Some pest bites can cause diseases such as Hantavirus, malaria, Asthma, and Allergies. It is, therefore, necessary to keep them away. Here are some ways in which you can make your house pest-free.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is the prime breeding ground for most pests as they seek the remains of food. You must clean dirty dishes and utensils as soon as you are done using them. The smell of rotting food attracts flies and cockroaches. Remember to clean your cupboards occasionally, as some pests breed in the dark corners.

Natural Pest Control

It is easy to keep your house pest-free using pest-repellant plants such as mint. The mint smell is unbearable to many insects, therefore keeping them away. You can also dilute vinegar to wipe surfaces and open all windows to keep your house fresh. Other effective natural pest control methods include: 

  • Garlic brew
  • homemade fly traps
  • Peppermint spider spray
  • herbal rodent repellent
  • Lavender and basil
  • Vinegar tick repellent.

Trim Long Grass And Protruding Branches

Untrimmed trees create room for pests such as spiders and bats. Therefore, make a habit of pruning your trees at least once or twice a week. Long grass is a hiding place for mosquitoes, rodents, and snakes. Some of the pests are lethal and disease-causing. Ensure plants in the compound are decent and attended to.

Treat Your Home Seasonally

Despite keeping the house and the compound clean, some pests may still breed in dark corners of the house. You can therefore treat your home with pest experts such as Denver pest control or purchase effective pesticides. Spray your house at least twice or once a year.

Drain Standing Water

Stagnant water acts as a breeding nest for malaria-causing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are noisy and can cause sleepless nights. You can raise the area by adding debris and small stones or simply make small trenches that lead the water away.

Set A Day For Deep Cleaning

You may find it hard to do a deep clean of your house every day. However, you can set a day in the week where you clean all corners of your house to the darkest parts of the bedroom. If you live with other people, you can always agree on a day when everyone is available for additional help.

Inspect The Roof

Rodents, bats, and spiders hide in the ceiling and can cause sleepless nights due to the unbearable noise they make. Check your roof regularly to ensure that no pests thrive there. In case your roof is infested, you can always find an exterminator.

Keep Your Litter Bin Empty And Clean

Always keep your litter bin outside, and as soon as it’s empty, ensure to clean it. Trash cans always attract rodents as they always have food remaining. Cleaning the bin ensures no stinking odor; as a result, it keeps bugs and flies away.

Check If Your Pipes Have Leaks Or Blockages

When pipe leaks occur, the house becomes dumpy and creates a thriving atmosphere for bugs and flies. Clogged drainage pipes also store dirty water, making the house smelly, attracting houseflies.

Check Packages Of Items You Buy

It might sound strange, but supermarkets and stores may have bugs that hide in the packages. Always check before you place an item in the shopping trolley.

Avoiding pests requires effort as they breed quickly. However, if you put in place the required measures, you can live in a pest-free house. Remember that some pests such as bedbugs are stubborn; therefore, natural methods may prove ineffective. In case pests are out of control, find yourself an efficient pest exterminator.