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How To Protect Your Roof From Snow Damage

Snow falling is a beautiful sight, but the damage that beauty can bring should never be overlooked. If you don’t prepare your roof for snow and manage the snow through the winter, you could find that your home becomes more susceptible to problems.

Keep the Roof Clean

While roofs are designed to carry a little bit of extra weight from snow for considerable amounts of time, if you receive a large amount of snowfall, you will want to clean it off immediately. Snow that melts and refreezes on your roof could create ice dams. These ice dams stick to the roofing material and can be hard to get off without damaging the roof. They also prevent proper drainage because they block water flow on the roof. A snow rake will allow you to easily remove the built-up snow without requiring you to get on a ladder. If you aren’t sure how much extra snow your roof can safely hold, measurement of roof snow load services can help you with that.

Clean the Gutters

When the snow on your roof melts, it needs somewhere to go. If you have overloaded or frozen gutters, the water will either pour over the side of the gutter creating dangerous icicles or build up on the roof. If you find that your gutters are full of ice, pour some hot water down them to melt the blockage. Additionally, keeping the gutters clean of any leaves or debris will help you avoid issues with clogged drains.

Keep Trees Trimmed

During storms, it is natural for twigs and branches to fall off of trees. If you find that you have trees that are so close to your home that those bits of trees often end up on your roof, you will want to have the trees trimmed. Leaves or tree branches that are left on your roof during the winter can clog your gutters and can potentially hold moisture from snow and ice, which can cause damage to your roof.